Bed Bug Identification In Chicago, IL

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are insects that feed solely on human and animal blood, with human blood being their preferred food source. These small biting insects have a flattened, oval-shaped body that is reddish-brown, short antennae, six legs, and are wingless. Before consuming a blood meal, they look like an apple seed with legs. After feeding, their body swells into more of a cigar-like shape.

Bed bugs are a worldwide problem and hitchhike on people and our belongings wherever we take them. Hearty pests that have withstood the test of time, bed bugs are difficult for us to avoid and control. The biggest thing to understand when it comes to bed bugs is that a problem with them can develop in any structure, and no place is impervious to them. Contact Aerex Pest Control to ask a question about bed bugs.

a bedbug on a box spring

Are bed bugs dangerous?

Before you ask yourself this, it's important to first determine if you have bed bug bites or mosquito bites. Bed bug bites usually don’t pose a significant medical risk; the spread of diseases by these biting pests is not currently a huge threat. However, those allergic to bed bug saliva may develop an extremely itchy rash around the bite sites, hives, or a more severe allergic reaction after being bitten by these insects. When it comes to bed bugs, their biggest “danger” lies in their ability to cause sleepless nights, making you uncomfortable in your own home.

Why do I have a bed bug problem?

You have a bed bug problem because they have hitchhiked into your home. Bed bugs are exceptional hitchhikers and will move into structures on people and our belongings without being seen.

These pests are active year-round and are a constant threat to our homes and businesses. If bed bugs are in your home, you may discover blood drops or dark streaks on pillows and linens, live or dead bed bugs in the seams of mattresses or box springs, piles of their exoskeletons near areas where they are hiding, or the development of a musty odor.

Where will I find bed bugs?

Bed bugs are indoor pests that hide throughout our homes – not just in sleeping areas, as their name suggests. When bed bugs are initially introduced into our homes, they usually move to areas of the house where people sleep. The seams of mattresses and box springs and cracks in footboards and headboards being favorite hideouts. However, over time, and as the bed bugs breed and increase their population, they will move throughout your home.

Though they like to hitchhike, bed bugs are efficient crawlers and will effortlessly move throughout our homes behind walls and under floors. Spaces inside outlets, behind baseboards, within upholstered furniture, and under piles of clutter are other favorite hideouts.

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tricky insects to contend with and are a pest that requires professional pest control services to ensure every egg, nymph, and adult is found and treated. For help getting rid of bed bugs from your Illinois home or business, reach out to the experienced and dedicated professionals at Aerex Pest Control.

Our professionals will perform a thorough inspection of your home and provide the effective treatment necessary to eliminate the infestation. If you are looking for the best bed bug control services in Chicago, reach out to Aerex Pest Control today!

How can I prevent bed bugs in the future?

We have put together a list of practical prevention tips to help you keep bed bugs out of your home.

  • When traveling, inspect wherever you will be spending the night for bed bugs before bringing luggage inside; this includes hotels and family or friends’ homes.
  • Store all clothing you take on a trip, dirty or clean, in plastic bags.
  • After returning home from traveling, immediately wash and dry all clothing on a high heat setting.
  • Do not place your personal belongings (coats, luggage, and bags) on the floors of public places for long periods.
  • Maintain a clean and clutter-free home. Bed bugs hide in clutter and regularly vacuuming your home will help remove stray bed bugs.
  • Minimize the number of used items you bring into your home, especially mattresses and upholstered furniture. As tempting as a free couch may be, the bed bugs potentially hiding inside are not worth the savings.

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