What Kind Of Things Attract Mice To Your Home In Chicago?

House mouse in kitchen
Mice are strange little critters. They are fully capable of surviving out in the wild but often choose to invade local homes with humans that might hurt them. Like many things in life, sometimes the risk is worth the reward.

Today we are going to discuss what things attract mice to homes in Chicago and offer a simple strategy to get these pests out fast. Keep reading to learn more. Call our team at Aerex Pest Control if you are more interested in professional mouse pest control in Chicago. 

How Can You Tell If It's Mice In Your Home?

The best way to tell if your home has a mouse problem is to see a mouse. The only problem with using this as a method for identification is that these small rodents do not like to come out into the open when people are around. For this reason, we recommend you know these other signs of mice.

  • Fecal droppings in the back of pantries, cupboards, and in other areas mice spend time
  • Urine stains or urine pillars
  • Damage to fabrics, paper products, and insulation
  • Gnaw marks and holes
  • Scampering sounds late at night
  • Grease marks along floorboards

If you do not want to check for these pests inside your home or are uncertain if you have an active problem, let our team pay you a visit. We will perform a detailed inspection and help you better understand your risk.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Mice In Your Home?

There are many risks to having wild mice inside your home. The first and biggest threat comes with the many disease-causing organisms these pests can carry. Some common diseases you might contract from mice include hantavirus, leptospirosis, and salmonella. Mice also passively spread disease with the smaller pests they carry, like fleas and ticks. Fleas spread diseases like murine typhus and the bubonic plague, while ticks spread Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and tularemia.

The only way to avoid the chance of getting sick is by avoiding all of these pests altogether. Addressing factors that attract fluffy mice and sealing off entry points that might allow them a way indoors is the best way to do this.

Factors That Attract Mice To Your Home

The best form of mouse prevention involves hiring a professional to rodent-proof your home. If you have some time yourself, however, you can do a lot of this on your own. Here are a few D.I.Y. tips and tricks to start with around your house.

  • Identify holes, cracks, and gaps in your home’s exterior foundation. Seal these up using some steel wool and liquid cement.
  • Repair more serious damage to your home’s exterior.
  • Make sure all of your windows, doors and screens are in good working order.
  • Keep your living areas clean and tidy.
  • Address moisture problems inside and around your home.
  • Invest in rodent-proof trash cans. 

If you want help preventing mice, our team is standing by. We have advanced methods to identify, remove, and prevent these problematic rodents.

The Most Effective Mouse Control For Your Home

Whether you have found mouse holes in your house or have seen these pests crawling around at night, your best option to identify and deal with a problem lies here with our team. Aerex Pest Control is dedicated to your pest freedom and is ready to pay you a visit.

Contact us now to discover what options you have for rodent control and find out just how easy mice are to combat when you have a professional pest control provider on your side. 

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