What To Do If You Suspect You Have A Spider Infestation In Chicago

A spider on a wall
There are many types of spiders in Chicago and some of them invade area homes. All are terrifying to encounter, especially if you have a fear of spiders, but only a couple are considered dangerous spiders. We are here today to help you identify house spiders in our area and to provide some facts so you can discern your risks of being bitten by these pests. To start, let’s discuss how to know if your home has a spider problem.

Signs Of A Spider Infestation In Your Chicago Home

Of all the local spiders here in Chicago, only a few like to invade homes in our area. Most prefer to live outdoors and will only come inside if it is absolutely necessary. Keeping this in mind, when a spider finds its way indoors, it usually makes the best out of the situation. Web-weaving spiders build webs to try to catch other bugs that are flying or crawling around indoors. Ground-hunting spiders hide in basements, storage rooms, and in other cluttered and secluded areas and hunt from the ground. If spiders are able to live comfortably inside your living areas, they may eventually mate and lay eggs. Trust us when we tell you, that finding a few large scary spiders indoors is nothing compared to finding thousands of tiny spiders.

How Can I Tell If A Spider Bite Is Dangerous In Chicago?

There are a few different local spiders that have the ability to pierce human skin with their bites. Of these biting arachnids, only two pose a serious risk to your health, the brown recluse, and the black widow. Here is how to identify these dangerous spiders.

  • The brown recluse spider is smaller, brown, and has six eyes and a dark backward violin-shaped mark located just behind its head.
  • The black widow is larger, jet black, and has a bulbous abdomen with a red hourglass mark on its underside.

If you are ever bitten by one of these pests, there will be no confusion. It will hurt and lead to other effects, possibly including nausea, vomiting, fever, difficulty breathing, twitching, necrosis around the wound (brown recluse specific), or neurological issues (black widow specific.) The good news is that if you receive medical care within a few hours after being bitten, your risk of severe symptoms is minimal and death is almost impossible.

Will Bleach Kill Spiders In Chicago?

Many homeowners use bleach or a bleach mixture to kill house pests as they see them. This method does work to eliminate spiders if the solution is sprayed on them directly. Bleach is not, however, a good way to fully remove spiders from your home. It is a bandaid to a problem that could get worse fast. The only way to make sure spiders have not laid eggs inside your home or are infesting other areas you cannot see is to invest in professional pest control.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Spiders In My Chicago Home?

Although most types of spiders in Chicago will not cause you harm, enough can cause harm so you should always consider these pests a problem. To remove an infestation of spiders from your home, let the experts at Aerex Pest Control lend a helping hand. Our team offers advanced pest control solutions to help you handle any invasive creatures that are causing trouble inside your home. If you have recently spotted a spider crawling around inside your living areas and want to know if there are more, let us perform a detailed inspection.

Call our team today to schedule a spider control treatment for your Chicago home.

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