The Best Way To Make Sure Your Chicago Property Is Cricket-Free!

Cricket in the dirt
They may not seem as threatening as many pest species, but if you've ever had a cricket infestation in your Chicago home, you know how important it is to keep them out! What may be a pleasant animal to hear as you go for a walk through the park is a whole different animal once it settles into your home. Luckily, Chicago pest control professionals like those of us at Aerex Pest Control can help keep your property cricket-free. Here's what you should know about these pests and the best ways to keep them out of your Chicago home. 

Why Do Crickets Chirp So Loudly?

Cricket sounds are often associated with peace and tranquility. They can be a pleasant soundtrack to an outdoor evening, but when a cricket (or a group of crickets) makes their way into your home, the noise they make can quickly turn from a lullaby into a nightmare. 

There are different types of crickets, and the noises they make can differ. The camel cricket, for instance, is one species that doesn't chirp, but most of them do. Male crickets rub their front wings together to attract females. Since they are nocturnal, they make this "calling sound" at night when everything else is quiet. Cricket chirps are designed to span significant distances to attract females. Inside your home, this noise can be overwhelming, especially as it repeats at intervals throughout the night. 

How Crickets Make Their Way Into Homes

Crickets typically live outside, but like many insects, they are attracted to lights and are often drawn to homes. As the weather cools, these insects will seek out shelter in homes and outbuildings for the moisture and warmth they can find inside. As the seasons change, it's helpful to think about the ways crickets get into houses in order to keep them out. Once they decide to enter your home, there are many ways for crickets to get inside. They can enter through cracks and crevices in masonry or the gaps around windows and doors. They may find openings near areas where utilities enter the building or find open windows or torn screens. Sometimes you can even mistakenly bring crickets inside on potted plants or other material from the yard. 

Tips To Deter Cricket Infestations

To keep crickets out of your home, it's important to seal up these entry points and check materials before bringing them inside. Some things you can do include:

  • Seal cracks and crevices in your exterior walls and foundation.
  • Install weatherstripping and door sweeps to minimize gaps around windows and doors.
  • Check plants and other items from the yard for crickets and other pests before bringing them inside. 
  • Replace outdoor lights with yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lamps that are less attractive to insects like crickets. 
  • Keeping crickets out of your home in the first place is far easier to accomplish than removing crickets once they are inside.

These tips will also help deter many other common pests in Chicago. 

Professional Cricket Control In Chicago 

If crickets are keeping you up at night, it's too late for prevention. To get rid of crickets in your house, you may want to consider enlisting the help of professionals so that you can get back to a good night's sleep. At Aerex Pest Control, we can help you eliminate crickets and other pests in your home and develop a plan to prevent them from coming back. Rest easy with professional services from our expert pest control technicians. Call today to request a free quote or sign up for your first service! 

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