The Key To Fast And Effective Bed Bug Removal In Chicago

A bed bug crawling on human skin
Bed bugs are notorious pests in Chicago homes. Without proper equipment and training, treating a bed bug infestation is nearly impossible. Fortunately, Aerex Pest Control offers bed bug and pest control in Chicago. Call today to learn more about how we get rid of bed bugs from Chicago homes.

What Bed Bugs Look Like

Bed bugs are tiny, only a 1/4 inch long, and dark brown. They're oval-shaped, but swell up after feeding. Don't mix them up with fleas or ticks. Fleas have large hind legs and can jump, and ticks latch on to their host for hours. Bed bugs can only crawl, and they'll bite and then leave. But because they're so small, bed bugs can be hard to see. Keep an eye out for these other signs of a bed bug infestation:

  • Blood spots
  • Fecal staining
  • Eggs and eggshells
  • Molted skins
  • Musty odor

All of these signs point to a bed bug infestation. But what does that mean for your home?

The Problems That Come With A Bed Bug Infestation

The biggest issue with a bed bug infestation is that they bite. Bed bugs are parasitic, which means they bite and feed on mammals. Bed bug bites typically show up as small red welts. They might be in lines or groups. Although the bites are itchy, they're also painless. You probably won't feel the bite; you'll notice the welt later.

Bed bugs are challenging pests to eradicate alone. They're excellent hiders and tend to spread out into a home. Rather than congregate in a bed, bed bugs hide anywhere they can. They might be in bedding or mattress seams or hidden in furniture, around light switch plates, or in other small spaces. Bed bug infestations can also increase anxiety and start to affect your sleep, which has its own set of problems.

The Secret To Effective Bed Bug Control In Chicago

Because bed bugs can be harmful, it's important that bed bug infestations are treated quickly and effectively. But bed bugs are hard to get rid of. They hide all over your house in lots of tight places. If a bed bug treatment doesn't reach every single bug, it will not treat the infestation. So, you need a bed bug treatment to get every bed bug.

With Aerex Pest Control, you can trust that bed bug infestations are totally taken care of. We use bed bug control methods that are effective and environmentally friendly. You need bed bug control in Chicago that you can rely on, and you've got it with Aerex.

Tips To Prevent Future Bed Bug Infestations

Even when a bed bug infestation has been removed, you still need to take precautions to keep them from coming back. Bed bug prevention centers on making sure they don't have a way to travel to your home.

Follow these steps to keep your home free of bed bugs:

  • Store your belongings separately from other people's
  • Avoid placing luggage on carpet or soft furniture in hotel rooms and public spaces
  • Inspect hotel rooms for signs of bed bugs before settling in
  • Check secondhand items for evidence of bed bugs
  • Vacuum luggage after traveling
  • Wash and dry clothing on high heat

Bed bugs are good at hitchhiking or moving from one item to another and making their way to your home. As much as possible, try to keep your personal belongings away from other people so bed bugs can't get to your things. Always be aware of the signs of bed bugs so you can check hotel rooms and secondhand items. After traveling, vacuum out your luggage to remove any bed bugs or eggs you may have acquired. Washing and drying your clothes on high heat will kill any bed bugs lurking.

Reach out to Aerex Pest Control today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Chicago.

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