How Dangerous Are Yellow Jackets In Chicago?

Paper wasp on a picnic table
There are many types of yellow jackets worldwide, we have 16 known varieties in the United States. Each summer they make their presence known at picnics, pool parties, and other outdoor gatherings all around Chicagoland homes. They are unwelcome guests to be sure. No one ever says “Honey, don’t forget to invite the yellow jackets this year.” Aerex Pest Control is ready to give those uninvited guests the boot.

How to Identify Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are social creatures. Not in the ‘Let’s have a BBQ’ kind of way, although BBQs are definitely on their radar. They live in colonies. The numbers can vary from a few to very many. Each colony is different. Here are some facts about the common Yellow jacket:

  • They build their nest from cellulose. They are like the paper wasp in that regard. They will build nests in bushes, trees, or the eaves of your home.
  • They get their name from their bright yellow coloring. You can’t miss the bold color and patterns on their back.
  • Highly aggressive and dangerous.
  • They feed their young meat/protein continually as they grow. 
  • The colony queens are usually rugged enough to make it through the winter and start a colony in the spring, but this is not always the case.

There is no doubt that you will be able to recognize a yellow jacket when you see one, or two, or maybe 50. Take care not to get too close to the nest, the last thing you want is to be perceived as a threat.

Very Dangerous

When describing how dangerous yellow jackets can be, we would be remiss if we failed to mention that they usually do not attack unprovoked. You shouldn’t run and hide just because you see one yellow jacket buzzing around. When they feel threatened, however, they will most definitely attack, injecting the venom multiple times. This makes them a health concern for even those who aren’t allergic. People can easily develop hypersensitivity to this venom, making it even more dangerous if they are stung at another time. In addition to the danger, the stings are also very painful. That's why it's important to keep yellow jackets, along with wasps and hornets away from your home.

Calling In The Professionals

Because yellow jackets are so aggressive, especially when it comes to protecting their nest. It would be unwise to attempt a nest removal on your own. Having an entire colony come after you could be deadly. Call in the pros from Aerex Pest Control to do the job for you. We have been serving the Chicago area since 1948. We have all the proper equipment and training needed to safely handle the situation for you. Call for your free estimate today.

Prevention Tips

Daily as we go about our lives, we do things that attract yellow jackets. It’s not something you think about unless you have had a problem with them in the past. Just giving the matter a little thought and being mindful of what you know attracts them will be a great benefit. Try to implement these tips:

  • Remove any food source. Empty soda cans, leftover food, dropped fruit from trees, etc.
  • Garbage cans without secure lids will be a draw, also try to store them away from the house if you can.
  • Check for sources of stagnant water, removing these water sources will help with many insect issues.
  • Grow plants that naturally repel the yellow jacket, such as mint, thyme, or lemongrass.
  • Keep hedges and trees trimmed.
  • They are attracted to sweet smells, both natural and unnatural. So your expensive perfume may be drawing the yellow jackets to you.
  • Fill in holes for potential ground nesters.

Knowing what will draw them near will help you prevent a potential painful sting, and you can apply tips from our wasp prevention guide as well.

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