Is DIY House Mouse Control Worth The Time And Effort In Chicago?

A house mouse in a kitchen cabinet
Seeing a mouse in your Chicago home is never a fun sight! The first thing you might do is Google "DIY methods to get rid of mice." While this may be tempting, and some of the results sound promising, be sure to understand that you might spend more money in the long run. Ensuring mice removal is done effectively the first time is a job for Chicago pest control professionals. 

Habits And Behaviors Of Common House Mice

Mice are nocturnal and always looking for food sources. Mice communicate with their urine; a male mouse may mark his territory with thousands of microdroplets daily. Mice can survive more extended periods without water as most of their water requirements are met by the food they consume. Mice can reproduce quickly, so left untreated, you can rapidly have a full-blown mouse infestation on your hands. Mice can have up to ten litters a year with over ten mice in a litter. Mice enter your home in search of food and shelter. If they find these resources in your home, they will nest and begin reproducing. Once mice have moved in, it can be exceptionally difficult to get them out.

The Dangerous Diseases Mice Are Known To Spread

Mice in Chicago are anything but clean pests; even if you never come into contact with them, just having them nearby can cause health concerns. Mice droppings, including urine and fecal matter, can make you very sick. Mice spread diseases such as LCM, salmonella, and hantavirus through their waste, even if you don't touch them. Another way they can spread disease is through the parasites they carry. For example, Lyme disease can be transmitted by a tick hitchhiking into your home on the back of a mouse. Lastly, they can cause problems if you suffer a bite. Mice carry and spread bacteria, and you can contract this disease through a direct mouse bite, touching a dead rodent that has the infection, or drinking or eating food items contaminated by a mouse. 

The Hassles With Do-It-Yourself Mouse Control

First off, DIY methods may only work sometimes. Mice are intelligent animals and continue to evolve. Products and chemicals that may have worked a day before are not likely to see the same results today. Pest control professionals have had to stay in tune with rodents' behavior changes and adjust their methods and equipment to provide adequate solutions.

In addition, DIY poisons, devices, and traps can be dangerous if they are set up incorrectly, in the wrong place, or without proper precautions for children and pets. Mice also have a good sense of smell, so if you touch a tool, such as a trap, they will avoid it, making it no longer effective.

Even if you catch a mouse or two, an infestation will not be entirely removed until all the mice are eradicated, and all holes and entryways are sealed up properly. The best way to protect your home from a mouse infestation is to contact pest professionals. Aerex Pest Control provides guaranteed quality rodent control and prevention solutions you can depend on. We're here to protect your Chicago home and your family from mice, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your walls don't have an infestation.

The Pros To Call For Safe And Effective Mouse Control

Partner with a professional to get Chicago rodents out of your home and away from your food and family! At Aerex Pest Control, we have over 70 years of pest control experience! Our family-owned and operated business is committed to helping people protect their properties from rodents and other pests.

Through our biannual treatments, our professionals will eliminate rodents from your property and stop them from returning in the future. If you want to discover more about our residential or commercial pest control services in Chicago, contact us today!

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