How To Root Silverfish Out Of Their Hiding Spots In Chicago

A silverfish crawling on a bathroom wall
No one wants to share their home with insects. Some insects make their presence very well known, while others hide in dark cracks and crevices. Knowing where common household pests like to hide is key to finding their hangouts and removing them.

When most people think of common household pests, ants, spiders, and cockroaches may come to mind. But it is important to remember that many types of pests can enter your home, a significant reason pest control in Chicago can benefit any homeowner.

The silverfish in Chicago is an example of a lesser-known insect that often finds its way into our homes. They are driven inside from their outdoor habitats when the weather outside becomes too hot and dry. Our homes provide them with cool, dark areas of shelter and areas of moisture that they can’t resist!

How To Identify Silverfish In Your Home

What is carrot-shaped, covered in silvery scales, and is not a fish but moves in a wriggling fish-like manner? If you guessed silverfish, you would be right! Silverfish are one of the more unique-looking insects in your Chicago home.

Besides how it uses its six legs to move, these wingless insects have another identifying feature- the three bristol-like appendages extending from their hind end. 

There are many different types of silverfish, but they all look very similar, so identifying silverfish in your home is best left to an experienced Chicago pest control professional!

Where Silverfish Could Be Hiding

Rooting out silverfish from your Chicago home isn’t for the faint of heart. They hide in dark, hard-to-reach areas. To help you win the war against silverfish, we want to provide you with a list of the places we commonly find them hiding. Identifying a pest infestation in its infancy is key to preventing a full-blown infestation. 

Here is a list of some of the most common silverfish hideouts:

  • Closets
  • Cabinets under sinks
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Wall voids near water pipes
  • Crawl spaces
  • Basements

If you ever see silverfish in your Chicago house, scurrying across its surfaces, contact us for help. Our professionals will quickly find their hiding spots and perform the necessary treatments to remove them from your home. 

The Damage Silverfish Can Do In Your Home

When it comes to a silverfish infestation, the good news is that having them in your home isn’t a significant health risk for you and your family. However, they are destructive and can cause damage to personal property and food waste. 

One of the biggest concerns when sharing our homes with silverfish is that they often forage for food in pantries. They will chew their way into stored food packaging and contaminate all the food they come into contact with as they feed. In addition, silverfish will feed on and damage things like wallpaper, books, and clothing. 

Another concern with silverfish is that if they are in your home, damp wood or excessive moisture is attracting them. If you are having recurring issues with silverfish, it is essential to check your home for leaky pipes and poorly working ventilation systems. Make immediate repairs when necessary. Left untreated, moisture issues in your home will attract other pests and can cause mold and mildew issues.

Professional Silverfish Removal Made Simple In Chicago

If you are dealing with silverfish, don’t try to root them out and remove them on your own. Getting rid of silverfish or other pests is best done with the help of a professional who offers reliable home pest control services.

Here at Aerex Pest Control, we have protected people and homes from the pests that call Chicago home for over 70 years. We offer safe, effective, and affordable pest control solutions that remove silverfish from your home and help you maintain a pest-free home throughout the year. 

Call us now to learn more about keeping silverfish and other common household pests out of your house with our effective residential and commercial pest control services in Chicago.

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