Stop Silverfish In Their Tracks: Top Techniques For Control For Chicago Homes

Silverfish crawling in a home
No one wants to see creepy bugs crawling through their homes. When it’s an unfamiliar bug like a silverfish, the problem becomes especially unsettling. Seek out expert silverfish pest control in Chicago from Aerex Pest Control to deal with this problem. Because these insects can multiply quickly, you could have a destructive silverfish population in very little time. Our effective treatment techniques can ensure that your home returns to normal, minus the silverfish, as quickly as possible.

Understanding Silverfish: Behavior, Habitat, And Life Cycle

When you are wondering how to get rid of silverfish, it starts by understanding how they behave and where they live.

Some key things to know about silverfish in Chicago include:

  • Silverfish have six legs and a segmented body.
  • They have a silvery color that almost resembles fish scales.
  • Silverfish are nocturnal creatures, so you may not notice them until they are in your home in large numbers.
  • They move extremely fast.
  • Compared to other insects, silverfish can live a long time, ranging from two to eight years.
  • Silverfish seek out areas with high humidity and dampness.
  • They don’t need regular food to survive, but they do need moisture.

Compared to other nocturnal insects you may have in your home, the silvery color of the long-tailed silverfish is the most distinguishing characteristic.

Damaging Effects Of Silverfish In Your Home: What You Need To Know

Most of the damage that silverfish can do in your home occurs through things that they chew. So what do silverfish eat? Silverfish primarily look for food that has a lot of starch. These could be things ranging from potatoes to pastries to cereal grains. These insects can ruin food that you leave out on the counter uncovered.

However, they also can damage other items, especially those consisting of fabric and paper. Silverfish may chew on book pages, cardboard, and even wallpaper. Because they prefer dampness, if any of these paper items are damp, the silverfish may attack them. They may also eat clothing or furniture coverings consisting of fabrics like cotton or silk.

Professional Silverfish Extermination: When To Call In The Experts

If you are wondering how to get rid of silverfish in your home once and for all, the pest control experts from the team at Aerex Pest Control are ready to help. Deciding when to call our team might seem like a difficult decision, but it really isn’t. Because these are nocturnal creatures, you may not know exactly what level of infestation you have. If you are seeing these insects or the damage that they leave behind, it’s time to reach out to the experts.

This is not a problem you should ignore and hope that it fixes itself. Silverfish simply are not going to move away from a place where they have sources of food and moisture, making effective pest control techniques especially important.

Effective Prevention: Tips To Keep Silverfish From Returning

Once our team at Aerex Pest Control controls your silverfish issue, you can take a number of steps to keep them from returning:

  • Make sure window screens are repaired and tight.
  • Check weatherstripping around windows and doors for small gaps.
  • Look at areas around where pipes enter your foundation where you need to plug gaps.
  • Vacuum your carpets and sweep your floors to remove crumbs of food.
  • Keep any food inside a tight container, so it doesn’t draw bugs.

We also can schedule regular maintenance visits after our initial visit to help keep silverfish at bay. We have more than 70 years of experience in the pest control industry in the Chicago area. 

Reach out to us at Aerex Pest Control today for a free quote and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Chicago.

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