Everything You Need To Know About Mouse Control In Chicago

A house mouse crawling in a kitchen cabinet
If you're blasé about pest remediation as a Chicratago home or business owner, it will lead to significant difficulties. As a whole, insects and creatures are highly destructive to buildings and all kinds of individual objects. They can hurt people with their scratches, bites, or stings. Also, they can pass along germs or illnesses. Several species multiply at a fast pace, which makes them an even bigger threat. Mice are an example.

Mice are pretty dependent on humans; we inadvertently provide them with food, water, and shelter. They persistently pursue our spaces, and they can get inside of them without much work. It's not easy keeping them away, but there are indeed viable options. Learn more about combating mice successfully and what Aerex Pest Control can do to help. 

How Do Mice Behave? What Are the Risks?

House mice have the name they do because they are often in human dwellings. They have black, gray, or brown fur over their seven-inch-long bodies. Lighter shades color their stomachs. Regardless of their length, they can creep through holes only ½ of an inch in diameter. Their teeth are sharp, and their frames are supple. When indoors, they will run to cabinets, basements, structural voids, and other dark zones where they might not be disturbed. Humid and damp spots are attractive to them as well. Since house mice inhabit zones rich with organic matter, you should be on alert if your property is by a woody or grassy area.

Pipes, cables, and walls are some things mice will chew on to file their teeth. As you might guess, plumbing hardships, electrical outages and fires, and cosmetic damage may occur. These kinds of events can put a hole in your wallet. In terms of health, you could be exposed to hantavirus, salmonella, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, or similar conditions. Given that these animals have parasites and bacteria in their hairs, your food and surfaces will be tainted. Their microbe-ridden saliva, urine, and feces are going to be left everywhere. Even if they were clean pests, they gravitate to dirty environments, like gutters, streets, and dumpsters.

Infestation indicators are:

  • Seeing rod-like pellets with blunt tips
  • Discovering footprints with four front toes and five back toes
  • Hearing squeaking and scratching noises
  • Finding bite marks on cords and foundations
  • Noticing foul odors over an extended period 

How Can You Prevent Mice?

Preventative protocols have to be sustained throughout the year to beat mice. Infestations can happen too simply and swiftly to do otherwise. These pests are incredibly challenging to manage after they've arrived. There could be plenty of vermin in a flash. Take these steps:

  • Get rid of clutter.
  • Thoroughly clean your kitchen and wash your dishes on a routine basis.  
  • Make sure floors are swept and mopped, and carpeting is vacuumed often.
  • Put food and trash in airtight canisters. This includes pet meals.
  • Have moisture fractures and leaks repaired as soon as possible.
  • Seal openings in utilities, foundations, doors, and windows. Use steel wool because they can gnaw through rubber and plastic.
  • Flush out your gutters, vents, and drains regularly.
  • Distance plants from the property by two feet.
  • Cut the grass and trim the greenery frequently. 

What Can Aerex Pest Control Do About Mice?

Mice traps have to be strategically located, and most people can't reach the places where vermin go. Other commercial products have low effectiveness and could be hazardous to employ. Not to mention, they are typically expensive. We at Aerex Pest Control have safe and affordable home pest control solutions. Our industrial-grade treatments include baits, perimeter barriers, passageway tools, and more. Call today for a free quote!

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