The Best Way To Protect Your Chicago Home From Pests

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Most people underestimate just how much is required in order to truly protect your home from pests. That’s why, time and time again, people are caught by surprise when pests (or signs of them) suddenly reveal themselves. Instead of reacting to problems as they pop up, learn how proper pest control methods can save you time, money, and peace of mind.

Pests Aren’t Seasonal

Far too many people think that pests are seasonal problems that tend to only strike during certain times of the year. While it’s certainly true that pest activity changes with the seasons, an accurate understanding of how pests behave reveals why this is such a problematic assumption. Seasonal infestations are, likely, a result of pests that have always been there. Either they were thriving out in the yard during warm weather and simply found ways inside of your structures, or they’ve always been there and have simply outgrown their usual stomping grounds. That’s why proper pest control takes diligence and total understanding of the ways pest populations grow, move and behave.

No Time Like The Present

Instead of waiting for pests to reveal themselves before you act, responsible homeowners should instead be thinking of the things they can do around their property long before pest problems are apparent. All of the following factors are why you should act today to properly address the pest realities in your home:

  • Hiding: Pests can squeeze into tight areas we can’t always access, and they tend to prefer dark areas where they can hide from the light. This behavior is why you might have a pest infestation and not even know it.
  • Proliferation: That’s a long word that basically means repopulating. Pests reproduce in large numbers, so by the time you notice them, it likely means that there are already many more than you realize.
  • Disease: The longer pests are around, the longer they can expose you to nasty health problems, like diseases that can be transmitted to both people and pets.

Effective Pest Control From Aerex Pest Control

With the diseases, property damage, and proliferation that pests can cause, at-home pest control is really a waste of time and money. Instead, trust professionals to prevent and eliminate pest problems quickly and safely. At Aerex Pest Control, our proven solutions only have to be applied twice per year, making us a cheaper option than other pest services that charge you more frequently. Our effective pest control comes in three steps:

  • Inspection: A trained expert will walk your entire property, checking for warning signs of pests or the things that might attract them. This helps us tailor pest control to your property and budget.
  • Treatment: Depending on whether you need complete removal or early prevention, we’ll implement solutions to match your situation. Our exterior treatments can ward pests from ever even getting close to your property.
  • Follow-up: Often considered the most important step, this is the assurance that pest professionals provide. We won’t just serve you once and then take your money, we’ll check back and make sure that our course is working and re-apply, if needed, at no extra charge.

Let’s Get Started Today

While many homeowners try homemade remedies or DIY methods to try to keep pests off their property, the truth of the matter is that only an expert understanding of how pest infestations form will truly help you. That’s why professional pest services have stood the test of time, and we’re eager to provide you with our expertise. At Aerex Pest Control, we can get you scheduled for an inspection of your property right away. After we gauge your level of risk to pest problems, we’ll come up with a plan of attack and prevention that is guaranteed to keep your home protected.

Don’t roll the dice on at-home pest control, contact Aerex Pest Control today for pest prevention done right.

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