Answering Questions About The Ladybugs In Chicago

Up close image of a lady bug on a leaf
While some people hate all bugs, others don't mind those that look cuter. Ladybugs are a pest that some people find adorable to encounter around their property. But, while seeing the occasional ladybug on a blade of grass occasionally might be nice, having a bunch of ladybugs around your Chicago property is annoying.

Ladybugs are mostly harmless pests, but you might have questions about them and whether they pose any risks. Get answers to your common ladybug questions from our experts at Aerex Pest Control.

Why Do Ladybugs Gather In Swarms?

One fact about ladybugs that most people don't know is that there are multiple species. While we usually think of the variety of red with black dots on their back, ladybugs come in other colors and patterns. There are actually around 475 unique species of ladybugs in North America. While they are active during the summer, they can overwinter inside your homes.

They may emerge in large numbers when they've made your house their home over the winter. They congregate around your windows and doors and then in your yard as they look to breed.

Once it gets cold again, ladybugs will swarm around buildings to look for shelter. They often need a place to overwinter so these pests can be a problem year-round.

What Are Ladybugs Attracted To?

Ladybugs are fairly straightforward pests that need what all animals need: food, water, and shelter.

But, some specific factors attract them, such as:

  • An Abundance Of Garden Plants: Ladybugs live on various plants often found around yards and gardens.
  • A Plant Pest Problem: Most ladybugs eat tiny insects such as aphids and mealybugs, so infestations of these pests attract ladybugs, too.
  • A Water Source: Ladybugs don't need a ton of humidity to survive, but they need some water. So, excess moisture problems can draw them in.

Luckily, most ladybugs don't hurt plants or crops, but certain species like the Mexican bean beetle are agricultural pests.

Do Ladybugs Bite Humans?

You've probably heard two conflicting ideas about ladybugs. First, they are cute, harmless pests. Second, they are mean and can bite. But, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Ladybugs do have mouths, so they can technically bite. However, they aren't very likely to attack you. They're not aggressive, and if they do bite, it will only feel like a pinch. They also don't spread any disease. 

The only ladybug species that is a minor threat is the Asian lady beetle, as they can trigger allergic reactions in allergy attacks for some people. They also emit a gross yellow liquid. 

However, most ladybugs in the area are harmless but annoying. The easiest way to remove them is with Chicago pest control services.

Professional Pest Control To Get Rid Of Lady Bugs In Chicago

While ladybugs aren't always unpleasant, as they can remove plant-eating insects from your garden, it doesn't mean you want a bunch of them around. If the ladybugs in Chicago are a nuisance that you can't get under control, Aerex Pest Control is here to assist you. We offer ongoing home pest control and commercial pest control plans that address many pest issues. Call today to learn more about removing ladybugs and get a quote from one of our experts.

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