Rat Control 101: A Complete Guide For Chicago Property Owners

Rat behind furniture.
Chicago is a big place with lots of people. Something that is common with big places with lots of people is rats and other rodent problems. These pests actively enjoy living inside of homes and businesses. Why? Because our buildings are temperature-controlled and offer opportunities for food, things to drink, and shelter.

If you would like to make sure your Chicago property is not susceptible to a rat problem, here are some things you should know about these pests. Call our team at Aerex Pest Control if you would like our help dealing with these furry invaders. We will share some of our offerings for rat removal in Chicago and help you decide what would be best for your property.

Understanding Rat Behavior: Insights For Effective Rat Control

You do not have to be a biologist to understand why rats do not belong inside your home. To help you understand these pests on a basic level, here are three things you should know.

  • Rats have incredibly sharp teeth that they can use to chew through wood, plastic, and even some soft metals.
  • Rats are dexterous. Certain species can climb the exterior of buildings and gain access to homes via chimneys and open windows.
  • Rats reproduce rapidly, and only access to food and shelter limits them.

If you do not want to find different types of rats inside your Chicago home, we are here for you. To find out if you have an active infestation, call our team for a quick inspection. We will help you understand your risk. Spreading of risk, here is why you don’t want these rodents indoors. Rat-Borne Diseases: Common Illnesses Transmitted By Rats

Wild rats are a huge problem. They actively transmit disease through their bites, fecal droppings, and urine and cause extensive damage to property with their teeth. These pests also carry harmful parasitic pests like fleas and ticks indoors.

Some common diseases you might contract from having these rodents indoors include hantavirus, salmonellosis, Lyme disease, murine typhus, tularemia, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. If you think rats are inside your home, clean often to reduce your chances of getting sick and invite our team over for a removal service visit. 

Rat Prevention: Simple Measures To Keep Rats Out

It is not always easy to prevent a rat infestation. If you are up for the task, however, here are some exclusion and prevention methods to consider.

  • Close unscreened doors and windows if you are not using them.
  • Seal gaps and holes in your home’s exterior foundation using some steel wool and liquid cement.
  • Clean up food messes and drink spills when they occur inside your home.
  • Do your best to keep clutter to a minimum.
  • Store all of your food inside air-tight containers.
  • Make sure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids.

For more help preventing rats, consider investing in rat control through Aerex Pest Control. We have tons of options to help you deal with these and other local pests. 

Professional Rat Control: The Most Effective Elimination Solution

Investing in professional home pest control in Chicago is never a bad idea. These pests pose a problem, especially when they get indoors.

To help you avoid the disease and destruction rats bring with them, let us provide you with some simple answers to these pests. We will pay you a visit, find out where rats are hiding, and offer some short and long-term options to combat these furry rodents. Reach out to Aerex Pest Control and learn more about our services. We will find an option for rat control in Chicago that meets your needs.

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