Guide To Spiders In Illinois

The colder weather attracts various pests.  Spiders are among them and some species can be dangerous, so it’s important to distinguish them.

Illinois is not a state with dangerous wildlife, but Illinois’ population of spiders might surprise many visitors and residents. More than 500 species of spiders live in Illinois. Spiders are usually not dangerous towards humans, but, there are some that are poisonous. It’s important to know some basic identification guidelines to detect the differences. Here are some of the most commonly encountered spiders in Illinois.

Spiders Found Outdoors

Spiders live in a variety of habitats, and it’s estimated that wherever you go you’re always one foot away from a spider.

  • Crab spiders ambush insects that land on vegetation and flowers. Some of these species are brightly colored to match the flowers they rest on. They are called crab spiders because their legs imitate crab-like movements that are similar to those of a crab.
  • Orb Weaver spiders are large and colorful spiders. Their large webs are usually found in tall vegetation or attached to porches and other structures.
  • Jumping spiders are black with red, green, or white markings. Their bites may produce sharp pain, but they’re not dangerous. Usually, they attack only when disturbed. Their vision is good, and they hunt insects and other spiders by day. Smaller species like the zebra spider are often found in windows.
  • Nursery web spiders are quite big and they usually live along the water’s edge. They form a shelter for their young from leaves, which is where their name comes from.
  • Wolf spiders are large and hairy and black or gray in color. They are active hunters that search for prey day and night.

Domestic House Spiders

Some species of spiders are commonly found living and reproducing indoors.

  • Cellar spiders are commonly found indoors. They are easy to recognize because of their long, delicate legs. They can spread really fast and become a nuisance in basements and commercial buildings.
  • Cobweb spiders are a group that includes many spiders with bodies about half an inch long that are brown to black with various markings. Their irregularly shaped webs are positioned close to the floor in moist spaces, basements, and garages. A dangerous black widow is a part of this group of spiders.
  • Sac spiders make tubular webs around doors, windows frames, and corners. Yellow sac spiders are the common species found indoors.

Venomous Spiders

  • Brown recluse spiders are very “leggy” and their legs are usually a lot longer in proportion to the body. Sometimes, the brown recluse has a violin-shaped marking on its back, which can be helpful in the identification of the spider. The brown recluse is a nocturnal spider that prefers dry and undisturbed places. When it feels threatened, this spider will bite.
  • A black widow spider will bite when its web is attacked. This poisonous spider usually takes up residence in tree stumps, under rocks, and in various kinds of structures.

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