Answering Chicago's Most Commonly Asked Mouse Questions

House mice crawling on the ground.
When you were in school, did your teacher ever talk about mice? For many teachers, mice were a creature that needed to be studied. Why? Because they weren’t just smart. They were agile, crafty, and equipped with the tools to be rulers of their own lives, despite being small. Rather than giving you a lecture about these common area pests today, we will be answering some of your questions. Here is everything Chicago residents should know about mice.

What Mice Are Common Around Chicago?

Chicago is filled with rodents, many of which are mice. Fortunately, not all species of mice invade homes. Only two species in our area regularly come inside and cause trouble; deer mice and house mice. These smaller furry creatures have a knack for squeezing through small holes, chewing through walls, and avoiding danger when indoors. They also raise concerns about how fast they reproduce; a single female house mouse gives birth 5-10 times a year and has 3-14 pups per litter. If allowed to live and breed within a home unhindered, these pests will grow out of control.

Are Mice Destructive?

All mice are born with tiny front incisor teeth. These teeth grow throughout their lifetime and need to be constantly filed down to avoid mouth problems. To file them down, mice chew on everything and anything they can, sometimes to get somewhere they need to go, other times just for the sake of chewing. Damage that results from this behavior includes:

  • Gnaw marks on furniture legs
  • Holes chewed through walls
  • Holes chewed into food boxes
  • Holes chewed through cabinet doors
  • Damage to utility piping
  • Severed electrical wires
  • Torn up insulation
  • Shredded paper/books
  • Mangled fabrics

Why Do Mice Like Invading Homes?

Our homes provide mice with luxuries they just don’t have out in the wild. By hiding within our walls, they don’t have to worry about changes in temperature, inclement weather, or large predators. By raiding our pantries and searching our floors at night, they find food and usually plenty to feed their whole nest. By checking sinks, drains, and chewing on utility piping, they find water to drink. Everything about our homes, except for us, screams paradise to invasive rodents like mice.

Do Mice Pose Any Dangerous To People?

Mice are not known for making the healthiest decisions for themselves. They regularly eat dirty foods and live in filthy environments. Even when they bathe themselves, all they are doing is ingesting all of the filth they picked up on their bodies throughout the day.  All of this causes these pests to contract a fair amount of disease-causing organisms. When cleaning up after mice around your home, use protective gear to limit your chances of getting sick.

Is There A Good Way To Get Rid Of Mice?

The absolute best way to handle a mouse infestation inside your Chicago home is to get a professional involved. At Aerex Pest Control, we are committed to protecting our community against dangerous, destructive, and annoying pests like mice. If you are having trouble getting or keeping these pests out of your home, do not hesitate to ask our team for help. We will implement advanced pest control measures using industry-leading rodent traps and bait to ensure your mice leave your home and do not come back. Contact us today to schedule your home for mice treatment.

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