10 Tips For Preventing Pests In The Kitchen

Where is the number one place you don’t want pests? Well, if you enjoy eating foods that are safe and preparing meals in a clean environment, the answer is probably your kitchen. Pests can chew through boxes, contaminate your food or leave droppings behind in drawers and pantries. Fortunately, Aerex Pest Control has some handy tips for preventing pests in the kitchen.
  1. Make a habit of cleaning up immediately after meals. Place all dishes in the dishwasher (or hand wash), wipe down tables or counters, and store leftovers in airtight containers. Cleaning up quickly prevents pests from making their way onto dirty dishes or uncovered foods.
  2. When possible, buy food that comes in cans or jars. Pests like insects and rodents can easily chew through plastic, paper, and cardboard.
  3. Keep more food in the refrigerator or freezer. Few insects and rodents can make their way into these appliances. Some food actually lasts longer when they are cool – like cereals, dried fruit, and potatoes.
  4. Check the pipes under your kitchen sink. Is the hole in the floor wider than the pipes? If so, they could be providing an entrance for a variety of pests. Seal them with foam or caulk.
  5. This is a big one that we mention a lot: use glue or caulking to seal any cracks around the home. These could be entryways for insects. This trick is especially useful for keeping ants out of the kitchen.
  6. Mice can squeeze through a hole as small as a pencil. With that in mind, look behind appliances and furniture for any possible entryways.
  7. Clean, clean, clean! The kitchen needs to be cleaned more often than in other areas of the home. Even the tiniest of crumbs can attract pests. Be mindful of brushing away crumbs and sanitizing tables and countertops after any type of food prep. Sweep away anything that hits the floor.
  8. If you don’t have time to wash a dish or place it in the dishwasher, at the very least rinse it! The less residue the better.
  9. Take out the trash as soon as it’s needed. Allowing trash to sit in the kitchen only invites pests over dinner.
  10. Keep your cabinets clean! It is important to inspect your cabinets regularly for exposed food, crumbs, or signs of a pest invasion (such as dead bugs or feces).

Although these tips are beneficial, there is no surefire way to prevent pests in the kitchen completely. Contact us at Aerex Pest Control if you need professional pest control services in Chicago. We will make sure they don’t take over your kitchen!

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