Are Roaches In Chicago Giving You A Headache?

Cockroach on a clear plastic bag of food.
There are many things in life that give people headaches, like a concussion, really loud noises, or pungent aromas. Although cockroaches are not loud, extremely smelly, or capable of giving you a concussion, they too, can cause headaches. How? Simply by existing inside local homes. These pests cause stress to residents, which can lead to mental breaks and headaches. If you want to save your head and keep roaches out of your Chicago home, here are some things to consider today. For direct information about pest control in Chicago to deal with an active infestation of these invasive bugs, call our team today. Let Aerex Pest Control show you how simple combatting cockroaches is when professionals are on the job.

How to Identify A Cockroach

There are many ways to tell if your home has a cockroach infestation. For one, if you see a live roach, your home most likely has an active problem. These pests are naturally reclusive and will not come out of hiding during the day unless their living areas are cramped and food is becoming more difficult to find. If you don’t see live roaches, it doesn’t mean your home doesn’t have a problem. Here are some other signs of cockroaches to identify these pests.

  • Fecal droppings
  • Shed skin
  • Grease marks
  • Egg castings

For even more assurance that your home doesn’t have a cockroach infestation, schedule it for a thorough pest inspection.

The Health Risks Of A Cockroach Infestation In Your Home

There is a lot you should know about cockroaches here in Chicago. One of the most important details is that these pests are dangerous. They are vectors for a number of harmful bacteria, pathogens, and parasites. Roaches pick up these disease-causing organisms from the dirty areas they live and the nasty items they consume. Just a few common diseases spread by cockroaches include salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, and listeriosis. In addition to these sicknesses, these pests also trigger asthma attacks and allergies with their shed skin and dry fecal droppings. The worse infestations become indoors, the more noticeable these problems become.

Why Do-It-Yourself Cockroach Control Often Fails

If you are thinking about dealing with a cockroach infestation on your own, be careful what methods you use. Most conventional pest control products contain harmful chemicals that will get you, your family, or your pets sick if used improperly. To make things worse, most of these methods are ineffective unless implemented in the right way. As for all-natural DIY, these methods are typically even less effective, especially with larger infestations. The only thing we recommend is DIY exclusion which involves sealing gaps and cracks and addressing other damage to your home’s exterior. This is only effective as a preemptive strategy to deter roaches and will do nothing to stop these pests once they are inside.

The Most Effective Cockroach Control For Your Home

If you are looking for how to get rid of cockroaches for good, we have some options for you here at Aerex Pest Control. Our team of trained technicians understands how to identify pest problems and address issues local homeowners are facing. Whether you are looking for a simple solution to remove roaches from your living areas or a complete pest control plan to protect your home against a wide variety of invasive species year-round, we have options for your here.

Contact us now to discover more about our detailed cockroach control options or to discuss general pest control plans for your Chicago home and property. Let us pay you a visit and find a simple solution to keep you safe and sane year-round.

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