Answering Chicago's Most Commonly Asked Wasp Control Questions

Wasps nest on a wooden fence.
The spring season is all about birds singing and flowers blooming. But unfortunately, it’s also a time when wasps have your property on their radar to wage a full-scale attack! These buzzing, stinging, winged terrors are ready to turn your backyard festivities into a battle royale. Forget about relaxing in your hammock or enjoying a refreshing drink on your patio. With a swarm of wasps on the prowl, your only option is to run for cover and hope they don't follow you inside.
Good thing that Aerex Pest Control provides the best way to get rid of a wasp nest so you can feel comfortable and safe on your own property again. Continue reading to discover all about the world of wasps and how our resourceful pest control in Chicago can keep them away from your residence.

Do Wasps Do Anything Good For The Environment?

As much of a nuisance as wasps can be, they’re instrumental in the proper running of the ecosystem. These flying insects are considered natural predators that help regulate other insect populations by preying on caterpillars, flies, spiders, crickets, beetles, aphids, and more. Their predatory behavior inevitably helps protect plants and crops from damage. Some species of wasps also pollinate plants while feeding, which is important for plant reproduction. They’re also a nutritious and essential food source for many animals, including birds and other insects. So, while they don’t make the most welcome backyard companions, wasps do contribute to the balance of the ecosystem and play a vital role in maintaining a healthy environment.
However, if it’s becoming increasingly impossible to simply enjoy your outdoor living spaces, consider consulting with a reputable pest service to schedule a professional wasp removal service. Aerex Pest Control is here to take care of them for you.

Is It Good To Keep Wasps Around Your Home?

While wasps do benefit the environment by acting as a form of natural pest control for other insects, experts don’t recommend keeping them around your house. Their stings can be painful and even dangerous to those who are allergic. In addition, certain types of wasps can be aggressive and territorial and may become agitated and attack if they feel threatened or their nests are disturbed.
So, if a colony of wasps is residing in or near your yard, contact our team at Aerex Pest Control for the safest and most efficient wasp nest removal in Chicago. Trying to extract a nest yourself can cause more harm than good. But what you can do is take preventative measures to avoid attracting wasps in the first place, such as sealing up cracks and gaps in your home's exterior, keeping outdoor garbage cans tightly sealed, and not leaving sweet or sugary foods and drinks outside.

What Is Attracting Wasps To Your Property?

Are you baffled as to why wasps continue to come around your yard? There’re numerous reasons why your place has become a favorite hangout for these nuisance pests, which may include the following:

  • Sweet foods and drinks left out and uncovered.
  • Open or unsecured trash bins.
  • Accessible compost piles.
  • Pet food or birdseed left outside.
  • Standing or stagnant water.

Certain types of vegetation or flowers may draw wasps, which can provide a food source or a location for building nests. And some wasps may be attracted to human activity, such as outdoor gatherings or construction projects, which can disturb their nests and provoke aggressive behavior. If these insects are starting to take over your yard, get in touch with qualified pest specialists like Aerex Pest Control for professional wasp control. 

The Trick To Total Wasp Control For Your Home And Yard

Want to know the trick for removing different types of wasps from your property? It’s easy. Enlist the services of experienced professionals who know what they’re doing.

For over seven decades, Aerex Pest Control has been providing impeccable service that keeps us in business. We use the safest and most advanced products and procedures to keep your family healthy and happy. Let us help you get back to peaceful, pest-free living by contacting us today for a free quote!

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