Effective Boxelder Bug Control: Tips And Techniques For Chicago Property Owners

Boxelder Bug on a wall.
When you think of the most menacing insects in the Chicago area, boxelder bugs probably don't top that list. And while they aren't as dangerous as more prolific pests, such as ants or wasps, they can still create problems when they move indoors. So what can you do to keep boxelder bugs off your property?

If you aren't familiar with these bugs and their habits, this post is for you. At Aerex Pest Control, we're experts in dealing with these unique bugs. Read on to learn more about boxelder bug control techniques, and contact us when you need unparalleled pest control in Chicago.

Key Characteristics Of Boxelder Bugs: How To Identify Them

On the surface level, boxelder bugs in Chicago look like beetles. They have flat, oval bodies and a pair of wings. They also have six legs and a pair of antennae, so you can see where some of the confusion comes from.

The critical distinctive trait of boxelder bugs is the colored markings along the edge of and on their wings. When their wings aren't spread, the markings make an X shape. The markings are most commonly a shade of red. 

Don't get hung up on identification, though. No matter what kind of pest infestation you're dealing with, Aerex Pest Control is here to help. Whether you're dealing with boxelder bugs or some other pest, Aerex is here to help. Our technicians are equipped to get rid of boxelder bugs and other Chicago area pests.  

The Risks Of Boxelder Bug Infestations: Why You Should Take Action

The first thing you should know is that boxelder bugs do not bite or sting. They aren't aggressive toward humans but can contaminate surfaces by transferring bacteria from one place to another. The real danger of boxelder bug infestations is the stains.

When boxelder bugs move into your home, you'll find strange stains on the lightly-colored surfaces. These are the result of the bug's waste. They aren't necessarily harmful, but they are unsightly and unhygienic.

Aerex Pest Control offers the most comprehensive pest treatments in the Chicago area. Not only do we treat the inside of your home to remove these pests, but we also treat areas outside your home that could lead to future infestations. We create effective barriers to stop invading pests in their tracks.

Boxelder Bug Prevention: Effective Strategies For Keeping Them At Bay

If you want to know how to keep boxelder bugs away, you simply need to look at your home from a bug's perspective; how can they get inside? Here are some tips to help you generate ideas:

  • Install door sweeps in your home's entryways
  • Repair any torn window and door screen in your home
  • Repair cracks and holes in your home's exterior

If any of these pests manage to sneak inside, you should avoid crushing them whenever possible. Boxelders emit a foul smell when stressed or destroyed. You can safely sweep or vacuum them up instead.

Boxelder Bug Extermination: How To Eliminate An Infestation

If you want to know how to get rid of boxelder bugs, there really is no secret. Successful pest removal takes a professional home pest control touch to get it done right. And at Aerex Pest Control, that's what we're all about.

Since 1948, Aerex Pest Control has helped people all over the Chicago area combat a wide array of pest problems with dedication and top-tier customer service. We work side by side with our clients to make sure they're fully satisfied with our treatments and always consider their concerns. Call Aerex Pest Control today and see what it's like when your pest control company puts you first.

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