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Buffalo Grove, Illinois is a large and highly coveted township split between Lake and Cook Counties, only a few miles drive to the heart of Chicago. There is a myriad of things to do, see, and experience around this bustling neighborhood, serving as a bedroom community for over 40,000 families, singles, and retirees. One of the most charming aspects of the Buffalo Grove area includes its festivals and special events, including the Invitational Fine Arts Festival and the Buffalo Grove Days festival in September. If you haven’t experienced the classy and set-back lifestyle of the Chicago suburbs yet, Buffalo Grove Illinois is the place to go.

Despite the freezing winter seasons and the less concentrated area of Buffalo Grove, the people of this large town still struggle with pest control efforts on a daily, monthly, and even seasonal basis. Although the prospect of dealing with a pest problem alone may seem daunting, the folks at Aerex Pest Control have everything needed to root out pest activity once and for all Reach out to us today to learn more about how we could best serve you, or schedule pest control in Buffalo Grove at your earliest convenience.

Home Pest Control In Buffalo Grove, IL

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Keeping your Buffalo Grove home safe and pest-free is perhaps the greatest goal of Aerex Pest Control. We bring nearly 60 years of experience to the pest control table and have been helping local homeowners treat their unique concerns since 1948.

With all of our skill sets combined, we promise to remove pests from your home as quickly and discreetly as possible. All of our Buffalo Grove home pest control services begin with these three steps, which are then adapted to meet your needs:

1. We inspect your home for any signs of pests, infestations, or potential insect activity. We ensure that nothing is going on that you aren’t aware of, and report back to you as soon as possible.

2. If there is a potential pest problem around your home, our team jumps into action to create a customized blueprint specifically designed to treat individual pest concerns.

3. We continue to visit your home and monitor for any signs of pest activity, taking decisive action should any symptoms begin to appear.

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Commercial Pest Control In Buffalo Grove, IL

Pest infestations in Buffalo Grove businesses are becoming a serious problem for employees, operators, and their customers. Even if your business has never experienced a pest control issue before, the possibility of incurring a significant or dangerous variety is never out of the question.

Aerex Pest Control is prepared to take on any pest activity in your local business by offering tailor-made commercial pest control plans for any need. We have been proud to serve business owners in a wide range of industries and capacities, including office buildings, retail stores, educational institutions, and more.

Here are just a few of the ways that we can serve business owners with our Buffalo Grove commercial pest control service:

  • Pest insect consultation and management
  • Consistent Inspections and treatments
  • Bed bug control services
  • Management of flying insects
  • Identifying, preventing, and excluding pests
  • Pest prevention/exclusion consultation
  • Rodent prevention and elimination

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How To Effectively Control Bed Bugs In Buffalo Grove, IL

Bed bugs are on the rise in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, and they are not likely to get better any time soon. Unfortunately, our higher populations and close distance to the big city allow pests to hitch a ride on almost any surface. Further, the ability for bed bugs to transfer between households via duplexes, apartments, or shared bedrooms makes it easy to infest virtually any space.

The best and only effective bed bug control in Buffalo Grove is found in the helpful efforts of Aerex Pest Control. Call us today to schedule a comprehensive bed bug inspection, or get treatment right away.

Which Stinging Insects In Buffalo Grove Are Harmful To Humans?

If you are not allergic to stinging insect attacks, you will not be as familiar with the deadly effects of stings. However, it is important to note that all stinging insects possess venom that could potentially injure or hospitalize a victim. Some insects, such as bees, may only sting once before dying. Others such as wasps and hornets may sting multiple times before stopping.

Aerex Pest Control has been assisting with the removal of stinging insects since our founding in 1948. If your commercial, residential, or owned property has developed a stinging insect nest, count on the team at Aerex Pest Control to eliminate the problem right away. 


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