Chicago Homeowners' Complete Guide To Effective Rodent Control

Nobody wants rodents in their home, but what do you do if mice or rats end up invading your Chicago home? Are mice rodents? What do rodents eat? There's a lot to know about these pests. Here's what Chicago homeowners should know about the types of rodents they may encounter, the damage they cause, some easy tips for keeping them away, and how pest control in Chicago can help you control rodents.

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The Kinds Of Rodents That Invade Chicago Homes

While there are plenty of animals that may be categorized as rodents, including gophers, chinchillas, and hamsters, Chicago homeowners really only need to worry about a few kinds of rodent infestations in their homes:

  • House mice: Capable of growing up to four inches long, house mice have dark, beady eyes, round furry ears, and rounded bodies with light-colored bellies.

  • Field mice: Field mice, also called meadow voles, can grow up to six or seven inches in length and have blunt snouts. Their blunt snouts make them easier to differentiate from house mice, but they also tend to have multi-colored fur compared to house mice.

  • Brown rats: Brown rats, also known as Norway rats, are significantly larger than house or field mice at sixteen to eighteen inches long, including their tails. Their large bodies make it difficult for them to climb, so brown rats prefer to burrow or enter homes on the ground level.

Keep in mind that if you spot any rodent in your home – whether it's a house mouse, field mouse, or a brown rat – there's likely more of them not far away. Rodents prefer to travel in groups, so you're more likely to have an infestation rather than just one or two rodents in your house.

The Damage & Dangers Rodents Can Create

Nobody likes to find a mouse or rat in the kitchen or bedroom, but these rodents are more than just unsettling to look at – they can also be extremely dangerous and damaging to your home, and here's how:

  • They can damage your property. Rodents, especially mice, like to build nests when they infest your home. They may chew through insulation, wood, or plastic when they're looking for a hiding spot or trying to build a nest.

  • They can carry diseases. Some of the most dangerous diseases that rodents can spread through their urine, feces, or bites include hantavirus, tularemia, salmonella, and rat-bite fever.

  • They can spread parasites. Rodents spend a lot of time in the wild, where they pick up parasites like ticks, mites, and fleas. These parasites can spread to your pets or family as rodents enter your home.

Not only do they spread diseases, parasites, and damage your property, but rodents can also contaminate most or all of the food in your cupboards or pantry.

Four Easy & Effective Rodent Exclusion Tips For Around The House

Rodents in Illinois can be hard to keep away, but here are a couple of quick, easy tips that will make it harder for rodents to invade your home:

1. Use caulk or rodent-proof materials like steel wool to seal up the tiny cracks and crevices around your home.

2. Make sure you're storing your food and trash in a sanitary way, which includes putting leftovers in airtight containers, dealing with dirty dishes in a timely manner, and keeping a tight, sealed lid on your trash cans and compost piles.

3. Get rid of yard debris, including leaf piles and brush, which rodents may use as nesting sites on your property.

4. Get rid of excess moisture or drainage problems, like leaky faucets or flooded gutters.

Properties that provide food, water, and shelter are attractive to rodents looking for a place to nest. Limiting access to these three resources can go a long way toward minimizing your risk of an infestation.

Chicago's Secret Weapon To Total Rodent Control

Along with practicing these rodent exclusion tips, you can also take advantage of Chicago's secret weapon for total rodent control: Aerex Pest Control. Not only are we a family-owned, local business, but we've had more than seventy years to perfect our effective treatments and solutions for rodent control – including treatments for house mice, field mice, and brown rats. We'll eliminate existing rodent infestations and employ tactics to ensure these pests don't make a second appearance in your Chicago home.

If you're seeing signs of rodents or have even spotted a mouse or rat in your Chicago home, there's no time to waste. Contact us today at Aerex Pest Control to learn more about our total rodent control services.


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