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Deer Park is a small suburb of Chicago that enjoys a lot more green spaces than the neighborhoods that lie much closer to the sprawling metropolitan area. Our close proximity to forest preserves means that we have a wealth of recreation opportunities right in our backyard. But green spaces also mean pest populations aren’t far off, which is why every Deer Park resident and business owner should learn how to protect their property from invasive pests. Contact us today to request assistance with pest control in Deer Park.

Home Pest Control In Deer Park, IL

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Homes provide pests with sheltered areas that protect them from the weather, not to mention the food and water that they need to survive. Typically, pest populations start as outdoor problems. They hide around your yard becoming most active in the spring and summer. But as the weather cools, pests are driven indoors. That isn’t to say they can find ways inside during other times of the year, and via numerous potential entry points. That’s why every homeowner should familiarize themselves with the factors that attract pests to their yards and what they can do to prevent them:

  • Food: Pests can detect traces of food from far away, whether it’s food waste outside or stored food inside. Proper food and trash storage, as well as regular deep cleaning, will help limit this attractant.
  • Water: Pests need water just like the rest of us, which is why they are attracted to moist areas where water builds up or hangs in the air. Proper ventilation and promptly addressing plumbing leaks are crucial.
  • Shelter: Pests seek out dark, cramped areas where they can hunker down and be safe from inclement weather and predators. Regularly checking your storage areas, like basements, attics, and crawl spaces is important for detecting pest activity.

These steps will help lower the risk of pest infestations in your home and yard, but for total complete home pest control solutions in Deer Park, contact Aerex Pest Control.

Commercial Pest Control In Deer Park, IL

Just as homes are magnets for pests, so are businesses. Commercial properties have all the same human activity going on and more, which is why smart business owners take the threat of pests seriously. An infestation can lead to damage, disease, and even loss of business and reputation. That’s why, at Aerex Pest Control, we target our Deer Park commercial pest control services to businesses that need them most. Here are just some of the kinds of business we help:

  • Restaurants/Bars: As places where food is stored, prepared, consumed, and thrown away, you can bet pests are attracted to bars and restaurants.
  • Healthcare: We don’t tend to think of hospitals and doctor’s offices as places with pest attractants, but they certainly have them, too. From ample storage areas to furniture where tiny pests can hide, healthcare facilities are also in need of pest protection.
  • Warehouses: Industrial lots and warehouses where products or goods are stored for long periods are attractive targets for pests looking for shelter.

Bed Bug Control: How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Deer Park, IL

Just about everyone knows that bed bugs are unwanted, but few appreciate just how common these invaders of homes and businesses really are. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs don’t only infest dirty properties. Rather, they go anywhere there are people to feed on, which is why everyone should understand just how bed bug infestations start. These tiny parasites are hitchhikers that can cling to hair, clothing, and belongings to be carried back to human homes and workplaces. Because of this, anyone can be a carrier and not even know it. That’s why it’s important to have trained professionals inspect your property regularly.

At Aerex Pest Control, we know all the places that bed bugs tend to hide (not just in mattresses, like you, might think), and we offer effective bed bug treatments in Deer Park that completely eradicate them. It’s this kind of fast solution that protects you from bed bug bites and ensures that they never infest your property.

Six Ant Prevention Tips For Deer Park Homeowners

If you don’t worry about ants until they are already crawling around your floors, it’s too late to truly address the many factors that bring them to your home. That’s why everyone should adhere to these six prevention steps that reduce your risk of an infestation:

1. Food Storage: If any sort of aroma is given off by a food source, ants will be able to detect it. That means proper food storage and cleaning up crumbs is important.

2. Trash Storage: Also important is the need to make your trash cans inaccessible to pests. This is no small feat for tiny insects that can squeeze through tiny cracks or openings.

3. Moisture Control: All kinds of pests are attracted to moist areas, so addressing poor ventilation and leaks or spills is also important.

4. Doors & Windows: Ants can simply crawl through the gaps around a door frame or a tear in a window screen. You should maintain these entrances regularly and install quality door sweeps and weather stripping.

5. Crack Sealing: Ants don’t need faulty doors or windows to find a gap large enough for them to fit through. Exterior walls and foundations can also provide them with cracks large enough to access your interior.

6. Treatments: The single most important thing one can do to protect their property from pests is to have professional treatments applied to your exterior.

At Aerex Pest Control, our solutions can eliminate infestations and prevent future ones. Call us today to find out more about how we can keep your property free of ants and other pests.


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