Five Easy Yet Effective Spider Control Tips For Chicago Homes

While most spiders that you find in your home aren’t going to be poisonous or deadly, that doesn’t mean they’re welcome guests – or that they won’t bite if they feel threatened. Fortunately, there are ways to combat spiders and other pests in your Chicago home – keep reading for an in-depth look at why spiders may end up in your home as well as five essential prevention tips for keeping them out.

spiders in basement

What Type Of Spiders Come Into Your Chicago Home And Why?

Even if most species are harmless, there are a couple of different spider types to watch out for:

Crab spiders: You’ll likely find crab spiders hanging around your garden or garden box, hunting for prey. They prefer to stay outside, but if there’s enough of a food source inside, they may hide along walls or ceilings. Crab spiders tend to be brightly colored so they can camouflage themselves on plants, and while it’s possible for them to bite, crab spider bites don’t happen very often.

Jumping spiders: Also called a bay tarantula, jumping spiders are black and have thick legs that allow them to jump higher, longer distances. If they feel threatened, jumping spiders pack a painful bite, but they’re not poisonous.

Wolf spiders: Wolf spiders are common in northern Illinois, and at first glance, their large size can be intimidating. These spiders aren’t a danger to humans, but their bite can be painful.

There’s also a small possibility that Chicago residents could encounter the northern black widow spider, which is poisonous, but this is extremely rare. Most spiders that you find your Chicago home aren’t going to pose a health concern, and they usually mind their own business as they go about hunting prey.

In fact, a spider problem or infestation is usually a good indicator that you’ve got another pest problem on your hands. If spiders are constantly hanging out in your home, that means there’s an abundant food source keeping them there.

Tip #1: Regularly Clean Your Home

Although spiders can accidentally end up in your home, they usually don’t stay long in immaculate ones. A clean home means fewer hiding places, so regularly cleaning your home is a great way to prevent spider problems.

Try vacuuming regularly to pick up spider egg sacs that may be in your carpet or furniture, and to also sweep up cobwebs. It’s also important to get rid of cluttered areas as well. Spiders aren’t afraid to hide in storage boxes, dusty corners, dirty clothes, or any other places that may provide them with cover. If you can eliminate these hiding spots, you’ll make your home less attractive to spiders and force any existing spiders out into the open.

Tip #2: Get Rid Of Potential Spider Entry-Points

A common way that spiders enter your home is through cracks and crevices, so it’s crucial that you seal up any gaps, cracks, or other holes that may serve as access points for these bugs. Taking this step won’t just eliminate spider entry points, but it’ll also make it harder for other insects to get inside too.

Before you bring in yard debris, wood piles, or plants, you’ll also want to inspect these items for spiders.

Tip #3: Practice Proper Food Storage

Good spider prevention means eliminating their food source – and you can help do this with proper food storage. Bugs and other insects may be drawn to your home because you’ve got a lot of food lying around or unsealed trash and garbage cans.

Make sure you seal up leftovers, cover your trash cans, and regularly wipe up countertops or tables where food scraps may have fallen.

Tip #4: Remove Vegetation That’s Too Close To Your Home

Sometimes, vegetation or gardens that are too close to your home can draw spiders inside. If possible, try keeping your bushes, trees, and flowering plants at least eight feet away from your home's exterior.

Tip #5: Call Aerex Pest Control

Whether spiders have just decided they like your home or there’s another pest problem that’s attracting them, the most effective way to combat Chicago spiders is with professional help – and that means calling us at Aerex Pest Control.

We’ve been serving the Chicago area since 1948, and there’s no spider problem or infestation that’s too big for us to handle. Contact us at Aerex Pest Control today to request a free quote, schedule a pest inspection for your Chicago home, or learn about additional pest control services in Chicago.


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