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Professional Pest Solutions For Glenview, IL Properties

Glenview is a village in Cook County, located about 15 miles away from the Chicago Loop. To keep your Glenview home or business free of the wide range of pests that also live in our area, work with the professionals from Aerex Pest Control to implement a long-lasting pest management plan. We’re proud to offer excellent solutions for all kinds of pest problems. Whether you’re looking for general pest maintenance or specific treatments, you can count on Aerex Pest Control to deliver!

With over 60+ years of experience in the pest control industry, we have a deep understanding of area pests and how to put an end to the problems they cause. If you’re ready to say goodbye to spiders in your attic and rodents in your kitchen, get in touch with the Glenview pest technicians here at Aerex Pest Control. We’re happy to work with you to find the right solution for your Glenview home or business.

Home Pest Control In Glenview, IL

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You should feel comfortable in your Glenview home. But when pests such as rodents and insects invade your residential property, it’s nearly impossible to relax.

Pest infestations lead to property damage, contaminated food items, and the spread of disease, which is why professional home pest control services in Glenview are vital.

At Aerex Pest Control, it’s our top priority to provide services that will eliminate your current pest problems and prevent new pests from invading in the future. We understand how frustrating it is to deal with pests in and around your Glenview property, which is why we’re here to take care of your pest problems for you.

Get in touch with the professionals at Aerex Pest Control today to get started on your journey to a pest-free future.

Commercial Pest Control In Glenview, IL

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to provide an excellent experience for your customers. But when pests invade your Glenview commercial facility, they damage your property, threaten your customers, and ruin your reputation. The best way to protect your business throughout the entire year is with ongoing commercial pest control for your Glenview business. We have the experience needed to provide excellent pest management services in a wide variety of professional environments, including retail stores, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and office buildings.

With our licensed technicians by your side, you can rest easy knowing the protection of your Glenview business is in good hands. Don’t wait for pests to invade your commercial facility and put your reputation on the line. Instead, reach out to Aerex Pest Control for excellent commercial pest control services you can trust.

What Glenview Homeowners Ought To Know About Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are one of the most annoying pests to deal with in your Glenview home. Their presence causes unnecessary stress, frustration, and restlessness for homeowners across the United States. When it comes to removing these blood-feeding pests from your residential property, here’s what you should know.

  • Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to remove. Their small size and reclusive nature mean they often hide in hard-to-reach places, such as under floorboards, behind wallpaper, and inside electrical outlets.
  • Bed bug infestations are challenging to prevent due to the way they get around. Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests, which means they travel from one location to another by hitching rides on your bags and belongings.
  • Bed bugs are not easy to identify. Many bed bug infestations go unnoticed for months at a time, which is why a professional bed bug inspection is important.

To remove a bed bug infestation from your Glenview home, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals here at Aerex Pest Control today. We’re happy to assist you with all of your pest control needs.

Here Are Five Ways To Minimize The Mosquitoes In Your Glenview Yard

Mosquitoes are one of the worst parts of summer. Not only are they annoying, but they also pepper your skin with itchy bites and ruin outdoor gatherings. These small, blood-feeding pests are capable of spreading a wide variety of dangerous diseases that can make you sick, including tularemia, yellow fever, malaria, West Nile virus, and dengue. When it comes to avoiding mosquitoes and the problems they cause, it’s important to reduce factors that may attract mosquitoes to your Glenview lawn in the first place.

Minimize the mosquito populations in your backyard by implementing the following mosquito prevention tips:

1. Keep your lawn trimmed regularly and cut thick foliage away from your exterior walls.

2. Always keep your gutters free of debris, such as leaves, sticks, and other organic materials.

3. Dump out items that may collect rainwater, such as flowerpots and tarps.

4. Eliminate all sources of standing water on your property, which mosquitoes need to lay their eggs.

5. Fill in low lying areas of your lawn and drain areas where rainwater has accumulated.

Prevention tips are helpful, but the best way to reduce the mosquitoes around your Glenview property is with professional mosquito control services from Aerex Pest Control. Give us a call today to learn more about our mosquito control process.


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