Help! How Do I Get Carpenter Bees Out Of My Yard? 

As their name may suggest, carpenter bees enjoy boring holes into unstained wood. While this arrangement may work for the bees, it doesn’t benefit homeowners much. Here’s what Chicago homeowners should know about identifying carpenter bees, ways to eliminate them, what kind of damage they cause on properties, and the best treatment for carpenter bees with pest control in Chicago. 

carpenter bee nesting in wood

How To Identify Carpenter Bees

At first glance, carpenter bees look a lot like bumblebees, which is why these two types of stinging insects are often confused. They may look similar, but these two types of bees are very different.  Carpenter bees grow a little bit larger than bumblebees, but they also lack the characteristic yellow stripes that most bumblebees have on their abdomens. Instead, carpenter bees have black or blue-black stomachs, and their thorax does contain yellow, orange, or white hairs. 

And, unlike bumblebees, not all carpenter bees can deliver a painful sting. While female carpenter bees are armed with a stinger, males are not. Regardless, most of these stinging insects aren’t interested in stinging you unless they have to. Most carpenter bee stings occur because you stumbled upon one of their nests, and a female carpenter bee thinks you may be a threat to her young. While they are important pollinators for flowering plants, another easy way to identify carpenter bees is by location. Since they like to drill and create holes in the wood, you’re more likely to find them hanging around untreated wood than anywhere else. 

Does Anything Instantly Kill Carpenter Bees?

Even if carpenter bees aren’t aggressive or necessarily capable of stinging you, that doesn’t mean their presence is welcome around your Chicago property. But is there anything that kills them instantly? 

While a solution of vinegar and water sprayed into their holes can be a promising way to kill carpenter bees, the best treatment for carpenter bees is still a professional one. Like any stinging insect, trying to distribute the treatment yourself could put you at risk for harm or a painful carpenter bee sting – especially if these insects think you’re trying to attack their nest. If you’re interested in deterring these pests, you can try staining some of the untreated wood around your property. Carpenter bees primarily bore holes into unfinished or untreated wood, so using a stain on that unfinished fence or deck could deter them from trying to create holes. 

What Damages Can Carpenter Bees Cause In Chicago?

You already know carpenter bees can cause some damage to the wood around your home or property, but how much damage can they actually do? While one carpenter bee drilling holes into the wood won’t make your deck collapse, constant drilling that goes untreated year after year can begin to cause some noticeable damage. 

A single carpenter bee usually only tunnels into wood up to a foot deep, but the more tunnels they create, the weaker the wood becomes. If they’re drilling into structural wood, weakening enough boards can cause the entire structure or frame to weaken as well. 

A single carpenter bee may not cause damage immediately, but if you’ve got enough of these stinging insects trying to create holes in your home, they could cause buckling ceilings, sinking floors, or bulging walls given enough time. 

The key to protecting your home or property from carpenter bee damage is catching the problem before these pests cause significant damage. 

What Is The Best Treatment For Carpenter Bees?

When it comes to addressing a carpenter bee problem on your Chicago property, there’s really only one effective solution, and that’s to work with Aerex Pest Control. Like any kind of stinging insect, carpenter bees have the potential to sting or hurt you if they feel threatened, so you should always leave bee removal up to the professionals. 

Serving Chicago and other surrounding areas for more than fifty years, our experienced professionals can not only eliminate the carpenter bee problem near your home but also assess the damage they’ve caused. If you suspect you may have carpenter bees drilling holes around your home or yard, there’s only one effective course of action – call us today at Aerex Pest Control to learn more about how our bee removal and stinging insect services work. 


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