Keep Ants At Bay Effective Prevention And Control Strategies For Chicago Homes

Keep Ants At Bay Effective Prevention And Control Strategies For Chicago Homes

There are many ways to keep ants at bay. Some things are best done by a homeowner, some by a licensed pest control service provider. Today, we're going to tell you a bit about both. We'll show you how to understand your ant problems and share some effective ant prevention tips so you can avoid some common pitfalls. We'll also tell you the professional strategies pest control technicians use to deal with ants. 

If you've been looking for a guide on ant control for homeowners, we have good news. You've found it. In this short article, you'll discover everything you need to know about getting and staying on top of ant issues. 

As always, help is available if you need it. You can contact your Aerex Pest Control service team at any time for advanced pest solutions in Chicago. We are here for you.

Types Of Ants: Understanding Common Ant Species

The first step in dealing with ants is understanding how they behave and why they do the things they do. There is a lot of confusion regarding ants. We know this because of the questions we get. For example, residents ask us, "What causes flying ants in the house?" While this may be a simple question for someone who deals with ants all the time, to a homeowner who has little to do with ant control, it is a mystery. 

Another question people often ask is, "What is the difference between flying ants and termites?" Again, while we know there is a big difference between these two common pests, we also understand that the things obvious to us are not necessarily obvious to Chicago residents. Let's consider these questions together.

  • When you see winged ants in your house, it is evidence that you have an indoor nest. The reason is that winged ants don't generally look to enter the dim interiors of man-made structures; they gravitate to bright exteriors.
  • When you see winged ants in your house, it is important to identify the ant species. If you have large black ants with wings, you have a carpenter ant infestation, which is something you should definitely get checked out by a licensed professional. 
  • When you see winged ants, they may make you think of termite swarmers because they're similar. All ants produce winged ants, but only carpenter ants damage wood like termites. Carpenter ants don't eat the wood, though; instead, they tunnel through wood to create protective galleries for their nests.
  • When you see winged ants outside your home, you should understand what those ants are doing. Winged ants are reproductives. Their job is to mate and develop new nests. While only a few will survive to make nests, it doesn't take many of these pests to increase your ant problems. 
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Ant Problems: Health Concerns And Property Damage

Pharaoh ants can transfer several bacterial illnesses, such as streptococcus, staphylococcus, salmonellosis, and clostridium. These lead to strep throat, staph infections, stomach illness, and botulism. We recommend checking out resources at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding these diseases.

While other ant species aren't as much of a health concern, keeping them out of your house is still wise. Ants crawl in trash receptacles and on top of decaying organic matter. In these places, they pick up germs and spread them. 

Keep this in mind when ants crawl on your cutting board or dishes. While the risk of a serious illness is quite low, you can end up with general stomach issues, such as diarrhea and nausea, quite readily.

Along with the general health concerns associated with ant infestations, there is also the property risk. Carpenter ants damage structural wood over time. Ants can chew on wire insulation and cause electrical issues, and they can get into electronic devices and cause them to short out. Ants aren't just nuisance pests.

Ant Prevention Mistakes To Avoid: Common Pitfalls And Solutions

There are so many ways to deal with ants. Unfortunately, with so many methods available, it is easy to make mistakes. We're not going to go into all of them; we'll just share some of the most common methods and the issues residents deal with when applying DIY ant control.

  • Vacuuming: We often get the question, "Can you vacuum ants?" The answer is yes. But you need to put the bag outside after you finish. Ants are tiny insects. They're able to get out of many vacuum cleaners.
  • Sprays: Can you use a product to eliminate ants on contact? Yes. But you should know you don't have to buy a spray can from the store. You can make a control mixture out of common products in your house, such as dish soap or vinegar. But these do nothing to stop more ants because they don't target the colony. The queen will send other ants to replace the ones you take out.
  • Treatments: There are many treatment options. A common mistake is that people use products that are repellent to ants. What do you think will happen if the ants can sense the material you apply? They'll go around it, of course. 
  • Drenches: When ant mounds are an issue, some people pour things on them to destroy the ants. Unfortunately, ants often create their nests well below the surface or place them in a location that is not easily accessible from the top.
  • Baits: One of the most effective ways to deal with ants can be the worst. Providing bait to eliminate ants is smart because the ant workers get it and carry it back to the nest. They have to do this because they can't eat it. They give it to the larvae in the nest and feed on the liquid excretion from the larvae. So, bait strikes at the heart of an ant problem. Unfortunately, incorrectly applying bait can lead to bait aversion, which makes ants harder to control with bait. 

When applying ant prevention tactics, there are unexpected results that can occur. The way to avoid this is to learn about the ant species you're attempting to control. Find out what products are known to work, and learn how to apply these products properly. Get your information from reliable sources, and don't trust untrained individuals working off circumstantial evidence. And, of course, you can always contact a licensed professional. Let's look at some of the benefits.

Professional Pest Control: A Smart Ant Control Solution

There are many benefits to hiring a home pest control service provider. A licensed service technician handles ant problems using the scientific method. What does it look like when a technician at Aerex Pest Control works on your ant problem? Here are some examples:

  • We perform an inspection, tracking ant activity, conducive conditions, and other factors associated with the infestation.
  • We identify the ant species and select products and methods that are known to control them.
  • When we apply bait, we test it to make sure the ants will take it. We use it in appropriate amounts and proper locations. Most of all, we evaluate the success of the bait treatment by tracking ant activity.
  • When a mound treatment is required, we use field-tested methods and apply materials that ants can't detect.
  • When keeping ants out of the interior of your home, we apply perimeter treatments and reduce ant populations near your house.
  • As we work to keep ants out of your home, we target a significant factor that leads to infestations—the insects ants eat in your yard. Fewer insects will result in fewer issues with ants.
  • We apply all-natural pest management solutions, such as patching gaps that ants can use to enter your home. These physical barriers offer long-term protection.

When it comes to dealing with ant problems, we don't just handle ant removal. Your Aerex Pest Control team can provide you with proactive ant prevention. It all starts with a home pest control plan. Connect with us today to schedule a service visit. We'll help you understand the pest pressures in your yard and help you select the right program to address the pests that concern you most. When you have ongoing pest control for your property, you have the best long-term protection against ant infestations. Start living the ant-free life today!

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