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Not many people can say they live in a village. Here in La Grange, we can, and we love it! Being a part of a smaller community comes with many benefits. It also comes with its fair share of challenges. One challenge that is the same for massive cities and villages like ours is pest problems. So many local species look to homes and businesses as a place to find food, moisture, and shelter. In our minds, this is unacceptable. Take some time today to learn about commercial and residential pest control in La Grange and discover a few simple facts about pests in our area. Do not hesitate to call our team now if you want to skip straight to professional services for your home or business. We will schedule an appointment for your property and get you started on the road to pest freedom.

Home Pest Control In La Grange, IL

la grange il home pest control

When you spend time inside your home, what are some of your expectations? Most people expect to find comfort with reliable WiFi, a working heating and cooling system, and a cozy bed at night. Comfort in your own home is not too much to ask for. At Aerex Pest Control, we are in the business of helping people stay comfortable. We do this by providing residential pest control for members of our community. That means you. Whether you need help deterring invasive species year-round, are trying to remove an active pest problem from your living areas, or want to deter pests from your yard so you can enjoy the outdoor space, we have options for you here. Aerex Pest Control is a dedicated local provider that personalizes services to meet each client's individual needs. Contact our team today to learn more about our offerings and to find out what types of services are required to get and keep pests out of your home year-round.

Commercial Pest Control In La Grange, IL

There are many times in business when being a good partner makes all the difference. This can be the case with cleaning companies, product suppliers, and pest control. At Aerex Pest Control, we understand the tremendous task you have with running a successful business. We value your contribution to the area with the jobs you provide and the services you offer. To help you do your best, let us do what we are best at, pest control. When you partner with our team, we can provide unmatched commercial pest control options to protect your property, products, patrons, and personnel. All you have to do is get in touch with our team. We will start the conversation that will lead your business to a pest-free future.


All The Ways Bed Bugs Sneak Their Way Into Our La Grange Homes

Trying to sleep when you know bed bugs are going to crawl into your bed is difficult. These pests create this unique challenge for homeowners across La Grange. The question is, how do bed bugs travel in and out of homes? These pests cannot survive outdoors for long periods, and they don't jump or fly. Bed bugs have to utilize people to get from place to place. They do this by climbing onto our belongings and catching a ride from place to place. Bed bugs will wait for items to be picked up and climb back off when they find themselves in a suitable area. Sometimes traveling bed bugs get caught in transit and end up on the floor or bench of a train station, airport, mall, shopping center, or gym. If this is the case, these pests will seek out new items to crawl onto. Whether you are planning on going on vacation or simply driving down the street to shop for groceries, keep your eye out for these pests and do your best to avoid bringing infested items home. Call Aerex Pest Control for immediate help with an active bed bug infestation inside your home.

The Best Way To Completely Get Rid Of A Flea Infestation In La Grange

Fleas can get into homes on their own. This is not, however, the main way they get inside. These small, blood-feeding pests ride on the backs of animals. Sometimes they use pets like cats and dogs; other times, they use pests like mice and birds. Regardless of how fleas get into your home, one thing will always be true. These pests are difficult to deal with. The best way to remove fleas from your pet is with a veterinarian's suggested treatments. The best way to remove fleas and flea-carrying pests from your home is with professional pest control. Our team at Aerex Pest Control is here and ready to assist you with dealing with these sorts of pest problems. Call us now to get more information about our flea control services and make an appointment for your La Grange home and property. 


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