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Keeping pests from our properties should be high on our list of priorities, but that doesn’t mean local homeowners and businesses don’t get distracted by all the other necessary maintenance. Pests take advantage of humans getting sidetracked, finding ways to invade our properties when we let our guard down. This is why Lemont property owners should turn to experts to help them stay on top of total pest prevention. 

With help from Aerex Pest Control, pest control in Lemont, Illinois, is easy and affordable. Learn how we can assist you today by contacting us online or by phone.

Residential Pest Control In Lemont

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There are many problems an infestation can cause when pests slip inside our homes. Not all of them are immediately obvious, which is why ongoing home pest control in Lemont is so crucial. Regular property inspections and treatments help ensure pest problems aren’t forming without you realizing it and that they aren’t leading to much costlier property damage or health impacts. 

At Aerex Pest Control, we help local homeowners deal with pest problems at all stages, whether they are just forming or already entrenched and causing serious consequences. Here’s how we can assist you in Lemont: 

  • Free estimates: With a simple phone call going over your pest concerns and property size, we can provide a free estimate before we even send a technician to your home. 
  • Comprehensive treatments: Our certified teams of pest control experts don’t just treat the areas where pests are, but also the access points where current and future infestations may be coming from. 
  • 30-day guarantee: We back our services with a 30-day pest-free guarantee. If the problem isn’t completely eliminated after our initial visit, we’ll come back at no additional cost as long as it’s within this timeframe. 

Don’t wait for serious issues caused by pests to hit your Lemont home; contact Aerex Pest Control to get started on proper pest protection today.

Commercial Pest Control In Lemont

Local businesses can also wind up with pests in or around their properties, and the consequences of a commercial pest problem can be severe. The added costs brought on by property damage and loss of customers can really hurt a local small business, which is why Lemont business owners need to take commercial pest control seriously. 

At Aerex Pest Control, we know how to help all kinds of businesses avoid and remove pest problems before they can lead to these larger issues. Whether you work in retail, food service, or hospitality, reliable pest control is a necessity that we can help you with, even tailoring our approach to meet your schedule and budget. 

For commercial pest control in Lemont, Illinois, turn to Aerex Pest Control today.

Five Tips Lemont Homeowners Should Use To Prevent Bed Bugs

Most people don’t think about bed bugs until the tiny parasites are already in their homes. In fact, many homeowners assume bed bugs will never happen to them, assuming that these nasty pests are only drawn to unsanitary conditions. 

But bed bugs are a lot more common than folks give them credit for, and there are numerous ways they can wind up inside our homes without people realizing it until the itchy bite marks appear on their skin. 

Here are some proven tips to help you reduce your risk of bed bugs and travel safer so you don’t attract these nasty hitchhikers: 

  1. Safe travels: Bed bugs cling to people, clothing, and luggage as a way of being carried from one area to the next. That’s why it’s important to travel smart by not putting your luggage on the floor, and by thoroughly inspecting hotel bedding before use. 
  2. Used items: Another way bed bugs get into homes is by being carried in via used items like clothing or furniture. Before bringing your garage sale or thrift store purchases inside, you should check them thoroughly. 
  3. Thorough washing: When you return from a trip or from a flea market, you should thoroughly wash used items before putting them back into your drawers, closets, and living spaces. 
  4. Heat sources: Washing clothing and bedding with high heat settings can be a good way to destroy any potential bugs or eggs that might have been brought back with you. 
  5. Inspections: It’s also wise to let professionals inspect your home thoroughly after you return from a trip, even if you don’t notice obvious signs of bed bugs. Trained experts can identify all the areas of a home where bed bugs or their eggs may be hiding. 

Keeping your home free of bed bugs is much easier with help from experts, so turn to Aerex Pest Control for bed bug control in Lemont today.

Common Entry Points Ants Use To Get Inside Lemont Homes

Ants can slip in through tiny cracks in your walls and foundation, or even through torn window screens and gaps around your doorways. Thanks to their subterranean colonies, ant activity can be prevalent right outside your walls without you even realizing it. 

This is why Lemont homeowners need to take local ant control seriously by implementing ant pest control services that protect their property from invasive insects. With help from Aerex Pest Control, you can get the best ant protection on the market at prices that work for you, with experts who work around your schedule. 

Contact us today to get started on keeping your Lemont home ant-free.


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