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Lyons, IL, is a small but growing township located in the Chicagoland area and known for its family-centric nature. There are manicured parks, walkable neighborhoods, locally-owned restaurants, access to good public education, and attractions like the Chicago Portage National Historic Site that all make Lyons an ideal place to call home. But with seasonal conditions, there are also countless chances for pest problems to develop. Since 1948, Aerex Pest Control has provided local homeowners and businesses with reliable Cook County pest control. As a family-owned and operated business, we care about what we do, and we treat all of our customers with the respect they deserve. We are a fully bonded and insured company and dedicated to training and ongoing education for all of our technicians. A board-certified entomologist informs our services, and each product we use is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency to produce effective results by the safest means possible. For more information on creating a pest-free environment, please call us today. 

Home Pest Control In Lyons, IL

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Whether you're experiencing a small but persistent pest problem or are dealing with something more insidious inside your Lyons home, Aerex Pest Control can help. We have been providing local homeowners with quality pest control since our establishment in 1948, and we uphold the same values of honesty and integrity to this day. It's our mission to create pest-free homes for our customers with the safest products and practices available, which is why we work with a board-certified entomologist and use only EPA-approved pesticides. When our process begins, one of our state-licensed technicians will inspect your property for any signs of pest activity so that we can understand the scope. From there, we will set bait stations if necessary, create a perimeter barrier, seal up entry points, and apply an exterior treatment. We provide bi-annual services to ensure we have eliminated pests; if pests return between visits, so will we property at no additional cost. Call us today to learn more about how residential pest control can work for your home.

Commercial Pest Control In Lyons, IL

Not having professional pest control for your Lyons business is like taking a gamble on your future. At Aerex Pest Control, we work closely with local businesses to create and guarantee safe, pest-free environments that benefit our entire community. We've been providing top-quality pest control services since our establishment in 1948, and during this time, we've honed our craft yet continued to innovate and grow with the latest best practices to serve our customers better. When you work with us, you will benefit from our decades of experience and our commitment to excellence, satisfaction guarantee, reliable customer support, and customized treatment programs that we develop to meet your exact needs. We base our proposed services on our findings and your concerns, and during the treatment process, we use EPA-approved products to limit interruptions and maintain discretion. To learn more about the benefits of our commercial pest control programs, please call us today.


Lyons Pest Control Pros On How To Stay Bed Bug-Free

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on humans and animals. They enter your Lyons' home often and without your knowledge. Try these tips to stay bed bug-free this summer:

  • Before bringing home any secondhand items like appliances, mattresses, or furniture, inspect them thoroughly for signs of bed bugs.
  • Keep a clean home by removing clutter and vacuuming regularly.
  • After running errands, eating at a restaurant, or taking the bus, check your personal belongings for any bed bugs.
  • Seek professional help from a local pest expert.

For bed bug prevention that works, contact Aerex Pest Control today. 


How To Keep Ants Out Of Your Lyons Kitchen This Summer 

Ants are a year-round issue for Lyons homeowners, but this summer may be additionally tricky. Here are a few tips to deter ants during the season:

  • Start by sealing any cracks or crevices in your home's foundation with materials like silicone-based caulk. It's also essential to affix weather stripping around doors and windows and insert door sweeps where gaps exist.
  • Be extra careful about storing food, and always make sure that you keep leftovers and pantry items in airtight containers.
  • Don't forget about the trash either! Opt for garbage bins with lids, don't allow excess waste to accumulate, and check for food residue between uses.
  • Keep a tidy kitchen by cleaning up spills of foods and liquids and sweep the floor on a routine basis.
  • Check pipes, faucets, and other fixtures both inside and outside the kitchen regularly and fix any issues you find. Also, make sure you shut off sinks completely after using them.

For more information on ant prevention, contact Aerex Pest Control today. 



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