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A mere 20 miles from the center of downtown Chicago, the village of Mount Prospect is located within the quintessential high end Chicagoland suburb of Elk Grove. This area is complete with a golf club, parks, local businesses and big box stores alike, and excellent schools, making it the perfect place for families and young professionals who want city access with a suburban pace of life. The area is temperate all around with conditions that are never too extreme for their given season, which makes this an even more pleasant place to live. That said, this also means a constant flow of pests that look to invade your home or business. 

That’s why there’s Aerex Pest Control. Since 1948, our family-owned business has been keeping homes and businesses free from pests with the highest quality pest control solutions. We’re dedicated to your satisfaction, which is why we offer superior customer service, guarantee our services, and use only the safest products. Whether you’re looking to prevent a pest problem or are in the midst of one, contact us today to request more information about Mount Prospect pest control

Home Pest Control In Mount Prospect, IL

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If home is where your heart is, then it shouldn’t be where the pests are. At Aerex Pest Control, we make it our mission to keep pests out of your Mount Prospect home. Whether you opt for ongoing coverage or need pest-specific care, we know that you’ll find our services effective, affordable, and reliable. And because we’re completely committed to your safety we only use EPA-approved products and are fully bonded and insured as a company. When you choose Aerex Pest Control, you can rest assured that all of your pest problems will be solved. Contact us today for more information and take the first step toward being pest-free!

Commercial Pest Control In Mount Prospect, IL

As a locally-owned business, we’re experts on the area that we service. But our expertise doesn’t stop there. We’ve been working with commercial clients since our inception in 1948, which means that we have the skills and know-how necessary to make pest problems a thing of the past. When you work with Aerex Pest Control, you’ll have a fully bonded and insured team of highly trained technicians who utilize only the best EPA-approved products that are safe for everyone. But not only do we provide safe and reliable solutions for all of your needs, we also guarantee our services so that you can have total peace of mind. We’ll work with you on things like rodent control, termite monitoring, exclusion, and even pest identification. Whatever your needs are, we will meet them. Contact Aerex Pest Control today for more information on keeping pests out of your Mount Prospect business

All The Ways You Can Pick Up Bed Bugs Around Mount Prospect

Bed bugs might be small but they are mighty. These parasites primarily feed off of humans in order to survive and reproduce. And shockingly, picking up bed bugs in Mount Pleasant is a rather simple act. Here are a few of the ways you may be bringing them onto your property unknowingly:

  • After traveling or taking public transportation

  • Latched onto used goods like mattresses, kitchen appliances, and couches

  • On the backs of wildlife like raccoons and squirrels, who spend time in unsanitary places before having free roam of your property

  • They were left there by a previous tenant or owner

When dealing with bed bugs, a call to the professionals is always the right call. Bed bugs are harmful for your health and are tedious to deal with. Not handling an infestation properly may result in a longer-lasting and more serious infestation. Contact Aerex Pest Control today for bed bug control in Mount Prospect that you can rely on. 

How To Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Mount Prospect Home

As a Mount Pleasant homeowner, you hope that you never have to encounter cockroaches. Once inside your home, cockroaches have little incentive to leave, so preventing them is imperative. Here are some of the ways that you can keep them out of your home:

Seal up your home, making sure all cracks and crevices are addressed.

Always keep your food stored in airtight containers.

Opt for a trash bin that has a secure, tight-fitting lid.

Rectify areas of excess moisture or moisture issues.

Clean your home regularly by vacuuming and tending to surfaces. 

Cockroaches will prove difficult to get rid of once they've made their way inside your home. They can survive for long periods of time without sustenance, tend to hide, and are growing immune to many forms of over-the-counter pesticides. That's why for reliable and affordable cockroach control you can trust, contact Aerex Pest Control today.


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