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“Extraordinary” is the word that most people use to describe the village of New Lenox, and understandably so. Residents of New Lenox benefit from a very high quality of life that includes access to excellent public education, countless clean and usable parks, sprawling neighborhood developments, an impressive bike path, reliable public transportation, and any type of food that you could want. Given the village’s close proximity to Chicago, it’s no wonder why so many working professionals and families choose to make New Lenox their home. 

At Aerex Pest Control, we know that part of living in the area also means dealing with pest problems. It’s been our mission since 1948 to deliver reliable pest control in New Lenox, IL, that is also efficient and affordable. In addition to being a family-owned business, we are also bonded and insured, employ expert technicians who are certified by the state’s Department of Public Health, and partner with a leading entomologist for smarter services. We are completely dedicated to creating pest-free living and work environments, so we also guarantee our services. Call us today to request your free quote.

Residential Pest Control In New Lenox, IL

new lenox il pest control

At Aerex Pest Control, we want you to experience a completely stress-free process of dealing with pests because we know how challenging they are to begin with. Since 1948, countless families have entrusted their homes to us because we’re bonded and insured, trustworthy, and always take the time to do the job right. Each of our technicians is certified by the Illinois Department of Health, extensively trained, and friendly. Our work is also informed by our partnership with a leading entomologist, which means that our services are built to work. 

If you have general pest concerns, let us suggest our recurring program that functions as often as you need it to. We send our technicians to inspect the inside and outside of your home to locate pest activity and conditions that could potentially cause an infestation. Once we have this information, we move forward with treatments such as bait stations for rodents, sealing entry points, and creating a barrier around your perimeter. We even guarantee the results so that you can stop worrying about pests and start living. For more information on residential pest control, call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In New Lenox, IL

Whether you operate a storefront, a healthcare facility, or an office building, pests will do everything they can in order to penetrate your foundation and access the things that they need. At Aerex Pest Control, we are here to make sure that your business is always protected from pest problems. Our company has been in operation since 1948 and we are also family-owned, bonded, and insured. We add expertly trained technicians to this combination for a level of service that you won’t find elsewhere. Each of our customers benefits from having a powerhouse team that can spend the time and energy on the small details. 

Each business that we work with receives a treatment plan that is completely unique to their needs. We perform routine property inspections so that we have an ongoing understanding of the ways that pests interact with a property. Once we have this information, we can address general pests such as ants, spiders, and earwigs, as well as more specific pests like rodents, bed bugs, and mosquitoes. Either way, you get the services you deserve and we guarantee the results. For more information on commercial pest control for your business, please call us today. 

Why Bed Bug-Infested Homes In New Lenox Need Professional Treatment 

Professional treatments are the most effective way to eliminate the bed bug outbreaks that take place in the homes of New Lenox. Not only can one single bed bug not be missed to ensure complete elimination, but there are a host of other factors that make these problems more complicated. Bed bugs are nocturnal pests that come out to feed when people are asleep. They do this because it’s when the human body is at its warmest. However, it also means that many people never actually see the infestation that they have. A pest professional is going to be able to locate even the most hidden populations because they have the training and skills to do so. 

Additionally, professional pest professionals will have access to EPA-approved products and methods that are safe for the entire family and can ensure the complete removal of a bed bug problem. For more information on bed bug removal, call Aerex Pest Control.

Warning Signs Of Cockroach Activity Around Your New Lenox Home

Cockroaches are stubborn pests that can be very challenging to eliminate once they have made themselves at home in your New Lenox home. Here are some of the warning signs of their activity that you should look out for:

  • Nibble marks on cereal boxes, baking materials, and other snacks
  • Shed body parts or skins that happen during the molting process
  • Subtle scratching sounds from inside pantries that might produce odd behavior from cats and dogs
  • A very harsh odor that smells like moldy fruit
  • Fecal matter scattered around countertops or that’s stuck in tile and flooring grout that looks like specs of dirt or coffee grounds
  • Living or dead cockroaches at any life stage

If you notice any of these signs in your home, call Aerex Pest Control for cockroach control today.


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