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Pest Control In Oakbrook Terrace

Life is good in Oakbrook Terrace because it's not too far from attractions and amenities. It's a peaceful place to reside and work. However, even households and businesses in Oakbrook Terrace suffer from the occasional pest infestation. You need professional solutions when invading critters make a mess on your property, spread bacteria, or build extravagant nests. The best way to control a problem with unwanted critters is to contact an Oakbrook Terrace pest control company for help.

Aerex Pest Control applies effective products to stop infestations and uses sound methods to deter pests. When not dealt with immediately, pests can injure or scare people, contaminate food, or cause cosmetic and structural damage to buildings. Seeking pest control services throughout the year helps prevent future infestations.

Residential Pest Control In Oakbrook Terrace

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Residents enjoy the peacefulness and high quality of life in Oakbrook Terrace. However, an invasion of pests can threaten a household's health, happiness, and peace of mind. There's nothing like waking up because of itchy bites left by insects, hearing scurrying or shrieks behind walls, or noticing piles of droppings around the house. Homeowners need the services of a dependable pest control company to protect their homes from invaders.

Aerex Pest Control provides optimal residential pest control services to thwart unwanted visits from insects, rodents, or occasional invaders. It's not enough to use DIY solutions or wait for an infestation to dissipate on its own. Professional products and exclusion services are the best way to stay pest-free longer.

What are some common problems homeowners face because of pests? Consider the following:

  • Furniture, clothing, and other items show signs of gnaw marks, holes, stains, or debris.
  • The home has droppings, urine, nests, and strange odors.
  • At night, nocturnal pests are more active, creating disturbances that wake everyone.
  • Invaders are running or flying around the home.

Stop severe allergic reactions, asthmatic flare-ups, or frequent illness because of pests. Protect your property from chewed wires, excavated tunnels, stains, and holes.

Contact Aerex Pest Control for effective residential pest control services in Oakbrook Terrace.

Commercial Pest Control In Oakbrook Terrace

When employees or customers walk into a business, they expect it will be clean, safe, and pest-free. Companies with infestations are difficult to deal with because of the threat of injuries or adverse interactions with pests. Insects and rodents might contaminate food, build nests near entrances or in appliances and furniture, and cause chaos. Other pests may pose a problem and require specialized pest control services.

Aerex Pest Control provides quality commercial pest control treatments to keep businesses pest-free. When invading critters visit a company and won't leave, it can hurt the firm's reputation, chase away customers, and lead to fines and health code violations.

What are some signs that pests are a problem in my company? Call Aerex Pest Control for an inspection and a pest control treatment if you notice the following

  • There are visible droppings, urine, stains, grease markings, or nests around the property.
  • Customers or employees complain of pest sightings, injuries, or scary interactions with critters.
  • The business has strange odors, holes in walls and floors, and damaged furniture and inventory with gnaw or claw marks.

If pests are frequently a nuisance to your business, exclude them by building barriers. Seal and cover openings around vents and gaps around plumbing and wires, and repair damaged structural elements. Avoid moisture buildup, humidity, and clutter, and have your property inspected for signs of pests.

Since 1948, Aerex Pest Control has successfully treated commercial properties for invading pests. We provide affordable services, treat entry points, and regularly visit to ensure your company stays pest-free. Our technicians use EPA-registered products, so critters can't stay on the premises.

We treat restaurants, bars, storage facilities, retail shops, and healthcare facilities. We are the experts to call when you need pest prevention services for pests like rodents or flying insects or need an exclusion consultation.

Contact Aerex Pest Control for a service estimate and learn how we can provide the most effective commercial pest control services in Oakbrook Terrace.

Five Simple Ways To Keep The Bed Bugs Away In Oakbrook Terrace

Imagine the horror of waking up to itchy bites all over your body, a musty odor, and no clear sign of what's plaguing you. Bed bugs are one of the worst insects to invade your property. These pests are difficult to eliminate and often require multiple treatments and follow-up visits to ensure their exit. Bed bugs are blood-feeding parasites that will stop at nothing to hide in your home, evade capture, and continue to leave you anxious, tired, and frustrated.

Aerex Pest Control understands how devastating it is to have a bed bug infestation. Detecting these bugs is difficult because they are small, excellent at hiding, and can go months without feeding.

The best defense against invading bed bugs is to contact the pros at Aerex Pest Control. Homeowners can also find helpful ways to deter these bugs from hanging around. Try the following:

  1. Cover your mattress and pillows with bed bug protectors.
  2. Avoid storing items under your bed; use plastic containers with tight-fitting lids.
  3. Use covers on outlets to block bugs from entering.
  4. Avoid staying in low-tier hotels, and be careful where you keep your luggage.
  5. Frequently vacuum upholstered furniture and carpets and discard the vacuum bag.

Keep pesky invaders at bay by using barriers, maintaining a clean, clutter-free home, and removing factors that attract them. Regularly launder bed linens, vacuum and dust, and remove garbage and food sources promptly.

Schedule an appointment with Aerex Pest Control for effective bed bug control services in Oakbrook Terrace.

The Most Effective Cockroach Control In Oakbrook Terrace

Cockroaches in Oakbrook Terrace are houseguests you never want to entertain. These nasty insects hang around garbage, rotting food, and plumbing and spread bacteria wherever they roam. When you have problems with humidity, moisture, or entry points that lack a barrier, it's easy for a cockroach infestation to start. These critters aren't picky about what they eat and love dark, damp places to hide.

Aerex Pest Control provides residential pest control to help stop pesky cockroaches in their tracks. We realize how harmful these bugs are to your health. The best solution for roaches is to schedule a visit for an effective roach control treatment. These bugs are tough to kick out of your home.

Find helpful ways to deter cockroaches from visiting. Do the following:

  • Never leave dirty dishes in the sink or food debris on adjacent countertops and surfaces.
  • Clean your home regularly and remove clutter and dark, neglected hiding spots.
  • Seal or cover crevices, gaps, holes, and entry points for bugs.
  • Throw out the trash regularly and never leave rotting debris around the house.
  • Fix leaking plumbing and repair or replace moisture-damaged items.

Besides removing factors that attract roaches, contact Aerex Pest Control for help. Schedule regular visits to treat the interior and exterior of your home and keep pesky roaches far, far away.


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