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Located just miles outside of Chicago, Prospect Heights has become one of the most desirable suburbs in the Chicagoland area. This area is home to an excellent public school system, a diverse mix of locally-owned businesses and chain locations, as well as peaceful green spaces, making it a prime location for families and working professionals. While the area never experiences too drastic weather conditions, it will see a mostly mild year with a brisk winter filled with snow fall. These conditions are ideal for many, some of which include common area pests like carpenter ants, mosquitoes, wildlife, and rodents. 

That’s why Aerex Pest Control is here. Since 1948, we’ve been servicing homes and businesses of the Chicagoland area with reliable pest control that works. Our services are always affordable and our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available for all of your needs. For more information on the safest, most effective pest control around, contact our Prospect Heights pest experts today!

Home Pest Control In Prospect Heights, IL

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At Aerex Pest Control, we believe that home is supposed to be your place to relax and unwind, but that can’t happen if you’re undergoing a pest infestation. Pests threaten everything that you love about your home. That’s where we come in. At Aerex Pest Control, we believe that every Prospect Heights homeowner should have access to safe, affordable, and reliable pest control. It’s that simple. That’s why we offer generalized pest control to proactively protect your home all year long, as well as specialized services for pests like bed bugs. From beginning to end, we’ll make you a part of the process so that everyone has a total understanding of your pest control goals and agrees upon a course of action. If you’re looking to keep pests out of your Prospect Heights home, contact Aerex Pest Control today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Prospect Heights, IL

Pests are a threat to the safety, health, and your property when you’re in business. And those are risks that you simply can’t take. Since 1948, Aerex Pest Control been servicing commercial clients with totally customized pest control solutions that they can trust. We work with businesses including warehouses, restaurants, property management, healthcare, and retail, so we know how to meet even the strictest of industry standards. Our team is also completely bonded and insured, all of our services are guaranteed, and we only use EPA-approved products that are safe for you, your staff, and your customers. For commercial pest control in Prospect Heights that you can count on, contact Aerex Pest Control today. 

Are You Seeing Carpenter Ants On Your Prospect Heights Property?

Ants are America's most common nuisance pest, which means that there are also many species of them, some of which can be hard to distinguish between. However, when it comes to the carpenter ant, you’ll definitely want to know if that’s what you’re dealing with because of the damage they cause to structures. Here are a few of the ways to identify carpenter ants on your Prospect Heights property:

  • They loiter around dead, damp, or damaged wood.

  • Piles of discarded wood that resembles sawdust.

  • Their most common color is black, but sometimes they may appear in a reddish-brown color.

  • Carpenter ants are among the larger ants found throughout the United States, so their size is unmistakable.

When dealing with carpenter ants, don’t leave anything to chance. This invasive species will chew through the wood in and around your property until you’re left with something that is unstable and unsafe. For protection that you can trust, contact the pros at Aerex Pest Control today. 

Answering Prospect Heights' Most Frequently Asked Bed Bug Questions

When it comes to bed bugs, many people in Prospect Heights are surprised to find out that they have an issue. Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about bed bugs in the area:

  • How did bed bugs get onto my property? Bed bugs are referred to as parasitical hitchhikers, which means that once they find a host, they latch on and go for a ride. Many times they find humans, secondhand furniture or appliances, wildlife, and personal belongings.

  • How will I know if I have bed bugs? You might not. Bed bugs tend to live in secluded parts of your property where you may be unlikely to look. That may be inside of the couch, your mattress, or in kitchen drawers. That said, some of the telltale signs of bed bug activity is rust-colored staining, eggs or eggshells, and bed bugs themselves.

  • Are bed bugs dangerous for my health? Sometimes. Bed bugs feed on humans primarily while they’re sleeping. For some, this may result in significant blood loss but it usually results in being covered in red welts that are painful to the touch. In other cases, their shed body parts may irritate allergies in some people.

For the best form of protection from bed bugs in Prospect Heights or for the total removal of an infestation, contact Aerex Pest Control today. 


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