Should I Be Worried About The Spiders I Find In My Chicago Home?

It can be startling when you step out of the shower and almost step on a hairy spider on the floor. When you walk through a web on your back porch, the first thing you're going to be concerned about is whether or not a spider was on that web and whether or not it is currently crawling on you. If you take a box out of storage, the last thing you want to see is a spider when you open the box. There are many ways spiders might make you uneasy or cause you to jump out of your skin, but how worried should you be? How dangerous are spiders in Chicago? Let's take a look.

spider on a wall

The Danger Spiders Present

If you are worried about spiders, it is likely that you are worried for one of two reasons. Let's look at these reasons and consider the dangers.

Pain. All spiders have fangs, but not all spiders can bite you. Some species don't have fangs that are strong enough to break through the skin of a human. We have more than a few spiders in Chicago that can bite humans, and when a spider bites you, it can be painful. The amount of pain a spider can inflict depends on the species, and it also depends on your physiology. You may experience a pinch, a pin prick, or intense pain and burning.

Venom. All spiders have venom, but some spiders have stronger venom than others. In our area, the two spiders to be concerned about are the black widow and the brown recluse. Both are native to the area and both could cause a wound that needs medical treatment.

How Likely Is A Spider To Bite You?

Some spiders can bite you, others can't. Some have strong venom, others do not. It is important to keep in mind that, even if a spider can bite you and it has a venom that is potentially toxic to your system, it doesn't mean you need to live in fear of it.

  • Dangerous spiders tend to be reclusive. Brown recluse spiders even have the word "recluse" in their name. These spiders can and do bite people, but it is rare. Bites usually occur when these spiders are accidentally brought into close contact with the skin. An example of this is picking up a towel with a spider on it.

  • Black widow spiders don't prefer to be indoor spiders. If a black widow spider finds its way into your home, there is a good chance it's going to find its way back out again.

  • A dangerous spider can bite you and not inject venom into the wound. This is called a dry bite.

  • Most brown recluse bites do not result in a spread of necrosis. As many as 85 percent of brown recluse bites will not amount to more than an itchy red wound with an ulcer at the center.

  • If you implement a few simple spider-prevention tips, you can significantly reduce the threat of dangerous spiders.

  • If you invest in year-round pest control for your Chicago home, you can reduce the risk even further.

Simple Spider Prevention

  • Shake towels, clothing, shoes and other items before use.

  • Remove skirts from beds and make sure covers don't hang down and touch the floor.

  • Get frames from box springs and beds that sit directly on the floor.

  • Move beds away from walls.

  • Inspect your home for tangled webs that are low to the ground. These could be brown recluse or black widow spider webs. The web of a black widow will have silk strands that are very strong.

Simple Spider Management

If you don't want spiders in your Chicago home, contact Aerex Pest Control. We provide general pest maintenance on the outside of your home to remove the food sources that attract spiders, and we remove webs to reduce spider eggs and stunt spider populations. These, and other pest control services, help to stop spiders before they get into your home. If you're worried about dangerous spiders, we can help you rest at ease.

Spider and pest management can help to reduce the chances of a dangerous encounter, but it is important to keep in mind that dangerous encounters are rare. The greatest benefit is that you don't have to live with gross spiders crawling around on your floors and zipping down your walls while you're watching television. You don't have to live with spider webs dangling from your ceiling and obstructing the view when you look out your windows. Life is a whole lot better without spiders in your Chicago home. Let the team at Aerex Pest Control help you keep spiders outside where they belong. It's easy to get started. Reach out to us through our contact page today.


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