Step By Step Cockroach Prevention Guide For Chicago Residents

There's nothing more unsettling than flipping on the kitchen or the bathroom light during the night and finding cockroaches in your home. Unfortunately, these critters are more common in Chicago than they may seem. For local residents, here's what you should know about identifying the different types of cockroaches, whether they bite, and when to enlist professional help. 

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How To Identify Different Kinds Of Cockroaches In Chicago

The first step to getting cockroaches out of your Chicago home is understanding what kind of roaches you even have. In the Chicago metropolitan area and this part of Illinois, you're likely to encounter one of three types in your house:

American cockroaches: Not only are they strong fliers if they need to be, but American roaches are the largest house-infesting roach in the country. Their size can range from one to three inches, and you can usually recognize them by the yellow figure-eight pattern behind their heads.

Oriental cockroaches: Oriental cockroaches may not be able to fly, but they don't have a problem using their spiny legs to get around. This type of roach has darker, mahogany coloring, a smooth body, and emits a musty odor.

German cockroaches: While German cockroaches do have wings, you probably won't see these critters use them much. You can identify German roaches by their smaller size and the dark horizontal stripes behind their heads. These roaches are the most common in the country, especially in houses and restaurants. 

Should I Be Worried If I See One Cockroach In My Chicago Home? 

A swarm of cockroaches may be cause for concern, but what if you just spot one roach in your Chicago home? Unfortunately, even finding one cockroach in your house should worry you. Roaches don't spend a lot of time alone, and if there's one in your home, there's a very good chance there's more hiding nearby. 

It's especially concerning if you find a cockroach during the day. These critters are nocturnal, so they're most active at night. They usually only come out in the daytime if their hiding spots are overcrowded. If you do spot a cockroach in your house, the next step is to look for other signs of an infestation - like discarded skins, egg capsules, more live roaches, or even dead roaches that may have been left behind.

Do Common House Roaches In Chicago Bite? 

A cockroach's appearance is already unsettling enough, but do these pests bite? Fortunately, cockroaches aren't known to bite or inject you with venom like some critters, but this doesn't mean they're harmless. 

All cockroaches, especially German and Oriental roaches, are unsanitary and carry plenty of harmful bacteria and pathogens. They may spread the bacteria by contaminating surfaces you eat on and leaving feces around your home. For anyone with asthma or allergies, a roach's droppings, saliva, and discarded skin can make their symptoms worse. This is due to an enzyme, and it's especially true for younger children with asthma. While it's less common, roaches can also spread pathogens through direct contact. If you try to grab a cockroach with your hands, their spiny legs can scratch you and spread bacteria or pathogens this way. 

Is Pest Control For Roaches Worth It In Chicago?

The short answer is yes, professional pest control for cockroaches is absolutely worth it, especially with the right company. 

If there's one house guest you don't want living in your home, it's the cockroach - and the best way to get rid of these critters is with professional help from Aerex Pest Control. As much of a health concern as they are, the only foolproof way to keep roaches out permanently is with the reliable, effective treatments that we offer at Aerex Pest Control. 

Our specialists have been serving the Chicago metropolitan area and surrounding locales for years. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is why we're the trusted pest management company for local residents.

If you're seeing signs of a cockroach infestation, or you've even just spotted one roach crawling around your Chicago home, you don't want to wait for the problem to get worse. Call us today at Aerex Pest Control to learn more about how our cockroach control services can help you or to schedule an inspection of your Chicago home.


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