The Best Way To Get Rid Of Chicago Bed Bugs

When bed bugs get into Chicago homes or businesses, owners often decide to try and exterminate these insects on their own. They go to the internet to learn what they need to know and then implement the ideas and products they learn about. This may seem like a cost-effective idea, but in most cases it isn't. Today, we're going to take a look at a few ways DIY can fail, why these methods fail, and give you the best way to get rid of Chicago bed bugs. Contact our Chicago bed bug experts for help with extensive bed bug pressures in your home.

bed bug infestation on matress

Why DIY Falls Shorts Of Eliminating Bed Bugs

There are many things you may not know about bed bugs. When you don't understand these facts, bed bugs can outsmart you.

  • Bed bugs live in beds, but they don't only live in beds. They can be found in many places within a structure, even in the structure itself, such as behind baseboards and crown molding, under carpets, and inside wall voids.

  • Bed bugs prefer to come out at night when carbon dioxide levels rise, but they can feed on you while you're fully awake. This is because they administer an anticoagulant into the wound during the feeding process. This makes the process almost completely painless. This is also why bed bugs can feed on you while you sleep and not wake you up.

    Bed bugs are attracted to tight spaces - the tighter, the better. You can have dozens of bed bugs infesting your mattress seams and not know it. We recommend using a debit card, butter knife, or some other tool to drag along seams and bring bed bugs, skins, eggs, and feces to the surface.

  • Bed bugs can go several months without a blood meal. It is very difficult to starve them to death.

  • Bed bugs are almost exclusively indoor pests. They go from one location to another by passively hitchhiking. They don't come in from the grounds around your property. Exterior products don't stop bed bugs.

  • Bed bugs can develop a resistance to chemicals. As bed bugs grow, they shed old cuticles and develop new ones. These new "skins" protect them from any harmful chemicals that were found in the environment. 

Examples Of DIY Bed Bug Treatments

Using what we've talked about so far, let's take a look at a few examples. These examples will follow the order of the bullet points above.

  • Since bed bugs don't just live in beds, throwing your bed out is not only costly, it is highly ineffective. And products that protect your bed may fall short. Mattress encasements can seal bed bugs in and prevent bed bugs from getting in, but bed bugs in your bed frame, bed stand, alarm clock, baseboards, and other hiding places can still bite you while you sleep.

  • Since bed bugs can feed on you while you're awake, treating your bed frame and applying traps to keep bed bugs out of your bed can fall short. Bed bugs can get a blood meal from you while you're watching television, working on your computer, and while you're doing other activities that require you to sit.

  • Since bed bugs are attracted to very tight spaces, it is difficult to treat them with topical products. Sprayed products don't get deep enough. If sprays are used, they must have a residual effect. When bed bugs emerge from hiding, the product needs to be active to get on them and eliminate them. Vinegar and water, along with many other home remedies, become inert when they dry. Can vinegar and water kill bed bugs? Yes. But, if a bed bug doesn't get enough wet vinegar and water solution on it, it won't dry out and die.

  • Since bed bugs can go a long time without feeding, you might think you're winning the battle. When those bugs come out to feed on you again and leave numerous bites on your skin, you might think they go outside your home again. It can be very confusing and lead you to try treatments that protect the exterior of your home, even though bed bugs don't live out there.

  • Since bed bugs can develop a resistance to chemicals, you need to know what is currently working and how to alternate products to achieve the best results. If you just spray everything, not only can you make yourself sick, you can completely fail to eliminate the bed bugs in your property. 

So, What Works To Eliminate Bed Bugs?

Licensed pest control professionals use strategies developed by industry experts and apply products that are known to still be effective against bed bugs. Professionals deal with bed bugs all the time. They know how these insects behave and what pitfalls can make treatment ineffective. If you live in Chicago, reach out to Aerex Pest Control for effective bed bug control in Chicago. We can help you save yourself money and misery.