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Comprehensive Pest Control In Tinley Park, IL

Tinley Park is a fast-growing village that’s located in close proximity to both Naperville and Chicago. People who live in Tinley Park have access to reliable public transportation, expansive parks, globally inspired restaurants, bike paths, and a strong sense of community. There are also opportunities for pest problems to arise, and when they do, they’re best left to the pros.

When it comes to comprehensive pest control in Tinley Park for your home or business, look no further than Aerex Pest Control. We have been serving our community with excellence since 1948. Our company is bonded and insured, and all of our technicians are certified by the Illinois Department of Health. In order to keep pests off of your property, we focus on the reasons behind their presence and create unique solutions to address them. We also strive to be affordable and dependable when you need us most. For more information on our pest control solutions and to receive your free estimate, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Tinley Park

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At Aerex Pest Control, we work around the clock to keep pests out of your Tinley Park home. We are a local business that has been in operation since 1948. Over the years, we have been perfecting our craft and continue to deliver affordable and reliable services to this day. Our company is bonded and insured and each of our technicians is certified by the Illinois Department of Health in order to uphold meticulous safety standards.

For general pest concerns, we will provide you with a total home inspection that provides our technicians with the necessary information to create a unique treatment plan. Some of the services that you might receive include treating entry points, setting bait stations for rodents, and a barrier application around the perimeter of your home. For continued relief, we typically suggest semiannual services. For more information on our residential pest control services in Tinley Park, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Tinley Park

Running a business in Tinley Park takes dedication and determination, but when pests enter the equation, things can get a little more complicated. At Aerex Pest Control, we are committed to creating pest-free work environments no matter the situation. Countless hotels, schools, and office buildings have turned to our services since 1948. We earn our customers’ trust through dependability and professionalism. As a bonded and insured company with technicians who are certified by the Department of Health, we always put your needs first.

In order to grasp the full extent of your pest pressures, we’ll perform a comprehensive property evaluation each time we visit your business. We then use this information to build a service plan that addresses each of your nuanced needs. For more information on the benefits of our commercial pest control services in Tinley Park, please call us today.

All The Places Bed Bugs Like To Hide In Tinley Park Homes

Bed bugs are some of the most stealthy pests for Tinley Park homeowners because of the many places they can hide. Some of their preferred nooks include:

  • Mattresses
  • Sofas
  • Carpets
  • Closets
  • Dressers
  • Nightstands=
  • Ottomans
  • Electrical outlets
  • Personal belongings

Bed bugs don’t typically stray too far from their food source, which is people. They come out at night in order to feed uninterrupted, so bedrooms and other living spaces are very typical for them. This can also mean that getting rid of them is also challenging without the right kind of help.

At Aerex Pest Control, we specialize in bed bug elimination that homeowners have been relying on since 1948. We are a bonded, insured, and certified company that employs only experienced and trustworthy service technicians. In order to address our customers’ bed bug concerns, we provide complete home inspections to understand the extent of outbreaks. We follow up these assessments with detailed treatment protocols that use EPA-approved products and trusted techniques so that we can guarantee pest-free results. For more information on bed bug control in Tinley Park, call us today.

The Benefits Of Professional Mosquito Control In Tinley Park

Mosquitoes in Tinley Park will begin to appear in the springtime and last throughout the summer and early days of fall. When it comes to keeping them away, the most reliable solution is professional services. Some of the benefits of working with a pest control company include:

  • Population reduction: One of the most impactful ways to see fewer mosquitoes is with professional treatments. A pest control expert will likely create a barrier of protection around the property that drastically reduces the appearance of mosquitoes.
  • Trusted tips: When working with an expert, people can also benefit from reliable tips on non-application methods of reducing mosquito attraction, such as turning over standing water.
  • Protection from potential health risks: While not every mosquito is an issue, some are, and there’s no way of knowing simply by looking at them. By having reliable protection from mosquitoes, people may be mitigating their exposure to West Nile virus and Eastern equine encephalitis, as well as heartworm for their pets.

For more information on reliable mosquito control, call Aerex Pest Control today.


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