Are The Wasps In Chicago Hard To Get Rid Of?

Wasp on a leaf.

Anyone that has been stung by a wasp can attest to how miserable that experience can be. Wasps tend to be the more aggressive group of stinging insects. For this reason, wasp removal is best left to the professionals at your local pest control in Chicago. Why put you or your family at risk when Aerex Pest Control has the knowledge and equipment to remove these pests from your property safely? 

What Do Wasps In Chicago Look Like?

There are thousands of types of wasps in the United States. Fortunately, for those of us living in the Windy City, there are only a few commonly found in our area. In order to best understand their habits and characteristics, proper wasp identification can be a great benefit. Let's take a look at the wasps you're most likely to see around your home.

  • Yellow Jacket: They have a very distinctive black and yellow striped pattern on their abdomen and are 3/8 to 5/8 of an inch long. These wasps build paper-like nests usually built underground but have been found under eaves or in attics.
  • Paper Wasp: This wasp is brown with yellow markings, but some species will have red markings. They can range from ½ to 1 ½ inches in length. Their paper nest is shaped like an umbrella with open honeycomb cells facing downward. They can be found hanging in trees, shrubs, porch ceilings, window corners, and almost anywhere they can be suspended upside down.
  • Mud Daubers: Their name is derived from the nests they construct of a mud-like substance shaped into short tubes. They are mostly black, some with yellow markings, and a few may be a metallic blue color.
  • Bald-Faced Hornet: Not actually a hornet, it is similar in shape and size to the yellow jacket. They are black with white markings and a white face. They build a hanging paper nest that can be up to 12 inches wide and 24 inches long.

If you're struggling to identify the wasp species on your property, reach out to a pest control expert for help. 

How Dangerous Are Wasps In Chicago? 

These insects are called stinging insects for a very good reason. Most wasps can be aggressive and are very territorial. They will do anything to protect their nests and tend to attack in swarms. A single wasp can sting multiple times. Wasp stings can be excruciating and cause severe allergic reactions to anyone susceptible. For this reason, wasp control in Chicago and any attempt at wasp removal should be taken care of by professional technicians.

Natural Wasp Prevention Tips For Chicago Properties 

Several wasp prevention measures can help keep your home and property less attractive to wasps. Pest control in Chicago is an ongoing task that's an essential component of owning a home. Many of the steps taken to prevent wasps are the same used to deter many other unwanted pests.

  • Ensure doors and windows are properly sealed and any torn screens repaired.
  • Inspect your house periodically for cracks and crevices and seal any new openings that are found.
  • Keep shrubs and trees manicured regularly.
  • As beautiful as they are, the aroma and pollen of flowering plants are magnets to some wasps. Consider other types of decorative landscaping options as an alternative.
  • Eliminate pools of standing water on lawns and around your house.

The Safest Form Of Wasp Control In Chicago 

With the various types of wasps in our area, wasp control in Chicago can be a daunting task. I can't stress enough that the safest way to prevent a wasp infestation and remove any existing nests should be the job of a professional company like Aerex Pest Control. We are experts in wasp identification with over 70 years of experience and know the safest ways to tackle any current wasp issue and prevent future problems. Reach out to us today to learn more about our stinging insect control options.

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